Have you a story from ‘within’ your business?

I would like to say thanks to Paul Green at The Versatile Lift Company  for the prompt and very flattering tweet that he sent me after our ‘marketing discussion’ meeting yesterday.

He listened to my ideas and explanations of how to attract customers, and I hope, recognised my passion for great content and communication.

We certainly had a good laugh during our chat, which I believe is the essence of good business – that you enjoy working with people should be enthusiastic about helping them.

Too many people seem to  have no passion for the work they do and it makes it much harder for anyone to engage with them…

Paul was proud of the company that his wife had built and explained to me how well they engage with their workforce.

He showed me that they ‘cared’.

This gives out a genuine indication of how The Versatile Lift Company probably looks after their customers as well. Behaviour signals always give this away.

Most people do not realise how much we all react to behaviour patterns, as most of us do it subconsciously.

Paul’s behaviour showed me the real story behind their business success and it is this story that prospective customers will actually buy into, when they are ready to make their decision to buy from you.

I will try to ensure that this concept of telling the ‘story from within’, will form an important part of his content marketing & communication strategy.

Please check out Paul @pgreen17 and his company via the tweet and the link above.

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