Linkedin Elevate – Recognising the Value of Content

Linkedin ElevateThe recent launch of Linkedin Elevate has shown the value that this professional business forum is now giving to good quality content.

Elevate is a new service from Linkedin that is designed to help companies and employees curate high-quality content, share that content via their social networks and actually measure the impact it has on their audience.

The value of sharing content is of course the relevant factor. If you as an individual or a corporate body are seen to associate with positive messages and stories then you become ‘attractive’ to prospective customers, investors and employees.

Linkedin wanted to focus on the way employees in particular can benefit from sharing their stories in order to enhance or elevate their status within their company.

As a publisher however, I feel the need to step in here and say: “The quality of the written article you produce is so important. It’s great that someone wants to tell a story, but if it is not transferred into the written word in a professional way, then it may not achieve the result that you want”. I therefore suggest that your stories are at least proofread by someone before publication.

How can Linkedin Elevate help you?

The best way you can elevate your profile is by showing your authority and credibility to your audience. Linkedin provides the audience for you, which is fantastic.

However, the content will benefit you so much more when you and your expertise are actually mentioned within the article.

m3eventcharlotte&ginessOne idea may be for you to tell a colleague your story and let them write about you – on behalf of your company. This makes the job easy for everyone.

I have found over the years that most people are embarrassed to brag or shout about their achievements – and find it hard to ‘sell themselves’. Individually, we may not always recognise all of the benefits others gain from what we actually do or say.

Wouldn’t it be better for one of your colleagues to give ‘their’ version about how you have helped or inspired others on your team?

Are you Sharing your Stories?

This interaction between colleagues can be very valuable and can have far reaching benefits for everyone – including the company itself – from a marketing perspective.

AndrewThorp1I work closely with one ‘Expert Storyteller’ – Andrew Thorp, who helps businesses to find these ‘stories from within’.

Another mental block that I see from so many people is “I can’t think of a story”.

Andrew is well-practised at getting into the minds of individuals – in order to get them to recognise ‘a story’ more easily – in sometimes simple everyday situations.

Go talk to others and share your story!

David Lomas

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