content strategies to attract customers

How can articles help you generate business?

content strategies to attract customersEven a well-written article may not be enough to actually ‘generate’ business on its’own.
When you write an article or create any sort of ‘content’, it needs to sit as part of the ‘route’ that you create for your prospective customers to follow.

This route must be designed to actually lead your web visitors, or readers, right to your front door.

I sometimes refer to this route as the ‘customer corridor’ and your articles will only work for you when they form part of this route.

Very simply, you need to create a number of simple steps for your prospects to take to reach you… Continue reading “How can articles help you generate business?”

Good content writing and SEO will boost your web traffic

I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?

Good content writing and SEO will boost your web trafficThat’s a good question; Both SEO and Content Marketing are important

Nowadays the two functions are integral. But they both need to be done correctly.

Content Marketing is now so critical to you attracting new customers or visitors to your website, that you really need to speak to content marketing experts to get it done well.

Even better, if you can deal directly with a publisher or ‘content curator’ like M3 Media Publishing, there are further advantages in them being able to position your content in more relevant and influential places on the internet. Continue reading “I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?”

How to create ‘Trust’ through your content

imageWhen we create any sort of content for marketing purposes, we all, as business owners, want it to have a positive effect on our prospective customer or reader.

Otherwise, why go to the trouble of writing it?

Ideally we want to build some sort of ‘trust’ with this prospective audience, do we not?

Using catchy headlines and producing a grammatically well-written article is important when attracting both your reader and the search engines. But that alone, is not what will help engage your audience and develop some form of trust with them.

What you need to do is help your reader to ‘learn’ about your expertise… Continue reading “How to create ‘Trust’ through your content”

Content Marketing – On who or what should you focus?

focusWe must all start our content marketing strategy with our customer in mind. But first we must understand exactly what are our customer’s issues.

It is good to ask yourself what is my prospective customer thinking about today?

Maybe you consider: What is it that I can send my prospect that will grab his attention?

To explain further, we publish a magazine in the HR and Recruitment sector and one of our clients is an HR Consultancy – and a very good one too.

If we want to help them engage with their prospective new clients, we won’t simply push out a message about the services they offer.

That may surprise you, coming from a marketing agency, but it shouldn’t… Continue reading “Content Marketing – On who or what should you focus?”

How do you catch a Hummingbird?

hummingbirdGoogle has recently rolled out their latest and most powerful search algorithm.

Cutely named ‘Hummingbird’, it was introduced around the beginning of September and its’ intention is that it will improve the relevance of Google’s search results – particularly for longer, multi-word queries or long-tail keyword searches.

What is so clever about Hummingbird?

Simply, this new algorithm actually reads full sentences, rather than just the individual keywords contained in your search.

Google can, in effect, make sense of the question being asked and then direct the searcher to more relevant and therefore, valuable information they are looking for.

So, as a business, how should we react? Continue reading “How do you catch a Hummingbird?”

How do you ensure success with your content marketing?

contentmarketingContent marketing has become one of the latest buzzwords on the Internet over the last couple of years.

By now, most people do realise that good quality ‘content’ is fundamental to your marketing success.

Whether you are advertising your business, speaking at an event, presenting your offering at an exhibition or maybe getting your message out via social media, then you will need to create some sort of written, audio or visual content that you can use to attract your target audience to you – FACT.

Content marketing can simply be described as ‘getting the relevant information to your chosen prospect, or customer at the right time’. Continue reading “How do you ensure success with your content marketing?”