Good content writing and SEO will boost your web traffic

I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?

Good content writing and SEO will boost your web trafficThat’s a good question; Both SEO and Content Marketing are important

Nowadays the two functions are integral. But they both need to be done correctly.

Content Marketing is now so critical to you attracting new customers or visitors to your website, that you really need to speak to content marketing experts to get it done well.

Even better, if you can deal directly with a publisher or ‘content curator’ like M3 Media Publishing, there are further advantages in them being able to position your content in more relevant and influential places on the internet.

Your website needs to be ‘optimised’ or set up correctly for the search engines to find you. You need to go to an SEO specialist to get this done correctly.

They can ensure that your website stays visible to the search engines and starts to attract visitors through that channel.

How does Google evaluate your website?

One of the things that has changed in the world of web optimisation, is the way that the search engines now ‘evaluate’ your website.

At one time, their evaluation came from the number of links you had pointing to your site. This has changed significantly now, to the point that only ‘relevant’ links from ‘suitable’ sources are of any real value.

What is now of most value from a search engine, as well as a customers’ perspective, of course, is unique, well-written and ‘relevant’ content.

It is vital that this content is written with your prospective customers in mind, as it needs to engage with them, for one VERY important reason…

Google now measures the ‘popularity’ of your website through the way your visitors respond to your content, and the way they ‘share’ it with others!

The ‘popularity’ of your website is therefore critical to how the search engines now measure its’ importance – especially, against your competitors!

We must now turn to Social Media…

Why is social media interaction is so important?

Each time your content is ‘shared’ by your visitors the search engines take note of it and the better your content, the more shares you will receive.

So the way that your content is written is very important and if it is merely done with just the search engines in mind, you will fail with one vital SEO task.

So, keep on doing your SEO, but engage the services of content specialists to ensure your overall marketing strategy will actually bring customers to you.

David Lomas

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