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I now have nearly 10,000 followers between here, my Linkedin profile and my various twitter accounts and I appreciate you all. Today I have a little favour to ask you, which gives me a way to thank Sarah Kinder my Head of Social Media at M3 Media Publishing for her efforts.  Sarah has been doing some great work recently on our website. She has also created our new facebook page which I think looks pretty good.. Please will you take a look at the facebook page she designed and let me know what you think? Any of your suggestions and opinions will be noted, … Continue reading Would you like your article published on our blog?

How are you engaging with your audience?

audiencemen‘Article marketing’. It’s the latest buzzword, (Yes, I know it’s two words) alongside that other latest buzzword, ‘content marketing’, which actually describes the bigger picture.

The word ‘content’ obviously covers a number of ways that you can present a message to your audience – and may I quickly add, that does includes verbal communication too!

But, ‘presenting’ your message is one thing. actually engaging with your audience is the key to success.

I recently looked at the twitter profiles of a couple of local businesses, as I wanted to get a feel for how they were communicating, or engaging with their target audience.

They were certainly communicating – but were not very engaging, to say the least. Continue reading “How are you engaging with your audience?”

What is the key to successful blogging?

Better content leads to better prospects for your business
Better content attracts better prospects

Why should your business have a blog?

The easy thing to do, is firstly, to give you two simple answers…

1. Blogs are highly visible to search engines – and if updated regularly with content, they will enable your website to be found more easily.

2. Blogs are interactive – Which is important from both a customer’s and a search engine perspective – It is important that your customers can engage and share your content and critically, the search engines can then measure this interaction.

A ‘blog’ can be a superb, yet simple way to publish company news, articles and maybe offers and provide links to other pages on your website – as long as you understand the types of information you need to publish and the knack of how to attract customers with what you are writing.

Check an example of another blog page at http://www.m3publishing.co.uk

More importantly, a blog can be an interactive tool to help attract and continually communicate with your customers.

The two answers I provided above, do need further explanation as they are both critical factors why blogs can be successful… Continue reading “What is the key to successful blogging?”

How to Harness the Power of Social Media

Good headlines and content are key to social media success
Good headlines and content are key to social media success

Social media marketing is steadily becoming the most important media channel for marketers worldwide. However, given how new social media is, there are a lot of business owners who know they should be using social media to market their business but don’t know where to begin.

This article contains suggestions on how to market using social media.

Regardless of if you’re writing a tweet, coming up with a title for a blog post, or coming up with a post to add on Facebook, you should create interesting titles that your readers will want to see.

If you can do this, you have the potential to gain many more customers.That’s very important in social media marketing. Continue reading “How to Harness the Power of Social Media”

If Carlsberg wrote testimonial letters…

carlsbergOne prospective client for our construction and property sector strategic marketing programme recently asked, “Could we have a written testimonial from one of your customers?” – A question that I’m sure, many of us have been asked before.

Many people nowadays, want to do that final bit of ‘due diligence’ on you before they commit to buying, and it is far more valuable for someone to hear how good you are from a 3rd party, as opposed to getting that same message from your own website or even directly from yourself.

In fact, it is the way that we all behave nowadays, in this ‘research’ environment – our activity on social media platforms, websites and forums allows us to ‘check people out’, before we make a decision to even begin talking with them. (We all generally prefer to be in a ‘sales-free environment and not under pressure when we make any decision)… Continue reading “If Carlsberg wrote testimonial letters…”

What business benefit can you get out of twitter?

twitter_bird_with_signSince the rise of social media and twitter in particular, new rules have had to be ‘drawn up’ on etiquette and proper usage, especially when it comes to businesses.

It’s not just about the content you post, but also ‘how you present your business’ through twitter, who you interact with, and how you interact with them.

Even if you master all that, you then need to be able to ensure that not only is your account visible, but also feels like an integrated part of your company, rather than a marketing tool that’s been sewed on because ‘everyone else is doing it’.

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