Content Marketing – What is the Winning Formula?

content1The idea for the title of this post came from a connection of mine Brian Gregory, from Safety Management Ltd as part of an online discussion we were having about content marketing on Linkedin.

It made me think about the phrase he used in his comment on my article, which was entitled ‘What makes good content?’. The phrase he used was ‘Winning Formula’.

To be successful with ‘content marketing’, or ‘Valued Communication’ which I would prefer to describe it, we have to ensure that we do follow a set formula or strategy… Continue reading “Content Marketing – What is the Winning Formula?”

How are events playing a role in your marketing strategy?

m3networking_connectionsMany people are quite familiar with attending business networking-style events as part of their marketing activity.

Networking events can be a great way of meeting lots of new contacts in the hope of developing business and producing sales.

But there lies the issue – Is ‘hoping to connect with the right people’ a professional or effective strategy for your Customer Acquisition Programme?

Maybe it is, if you have lots of time to spare, or you are maybe, a fledgling business just wanting to feel your way in business and need to get some practice at networking.

      “Time is a major issue for us in our business”

However, as a more established business, you can’t afford to waste a great deal of time attending these networking events unless you can ensure that you will meet suitable prospects or connections for your business. Continue reading “How are events playing a role in your marketing strategy?”

Content Marketing and Social Media – How are you combining them to get sales?

Did you know that Social media indicators (that’s ‘likes’ ‘shares’ and ‘tweets’ etc.) are now an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm?

This social media ‘activity’ when related to your website, helps indicate to the search engines, the actual ‘authority’ of your website. This in turn translates into rankings for your web pages.

This is a clear message that tells me that the focus on your customer is now, even more profoundly important.

Maybe we all knew that eh?

Some of you may even be putting this ‘customer focus’ into practice when dealing face to face with them, and maybe in your marketing literature, but the problem is that digitally, most of you are not taking advantage of putting it into words!

Social media is now one of the easiest and best places to keep in touch with both your personal business contacts and more importantly, your potential connectionsContinue reading “Content Marketing and Social Media – How are you combining them to get sales?”

Manchester car servicing operation provides perfect route for their customers.

In marketing terms, I often talk to my clients about how they need to create an ideal ‘route to the sale’ for their prospective customers.

Any business has to have a plan in order to initially find customers, attract them and then influence them sufficiently that they decide to do business with you.

All this has to be done correctly in order for you to complete the sale.

You need to find ways of encouraging the customer to come closer towards you and in the process, allow them to learn more about how you operate. And, very importantly, teach you a little about what THEY want.

Then, when they are comfortable with you, this method of ‘attraction marketing’ will allow you to make your proposition to them at just the right time and should end with you concluding a deal… Continue reading “Manchester car servicing operation provides perfect route for their customers.”

Content marketing is key to making that sale

content_is_keyMost people would consider that making a sale comes right at the end of the sales process…


No, wrong! Now content marketing is in the frame.

I have seen so many sales and non-sales people make serious errors in their intended completion of the sale – by trying to ‘close’ at the wrong time.

Many people are still using, what I consider to be outdated sales training methods, which I personally believe are not relevant in the business environment we have today.

One example is in the ‘overcoming objections’ scenario… Continue reading “Content marketing is key to making that sale”

How are you using your customers to promote your business?

Are your clients telling others about you?

This may seem a strange question, but recently, one of our clients offered to effectively do some work for me, as a favour, to help out several of our newly taken-on clients at Property Aspects Magazine.

He didn’t want paying for it and he simply remarked: “Let me do the social media training for your new clients. You taught me how to use it very well and it helps me make up to six appointments a week for my property business. – I’m really the best-placed person to tell them how your system has already worked for me”.

Property Aspects – Social Media Training for the property and construction sector

To explain: As part of the job we do for our clients in the property sector, is to provide some fairly simple, but quite specific social media training for them. This helps them understand a few important points about social media but, very importantly, they discover how to actually use social media to generate businessContinue reading “How are you using your customers to promote your business?”