Have you a story from ‘within’ your business?

I would like to say thanks to Paul Green at The Versatile Lift Company  for the prompt and very flattering tweet that he sent me after our ‘marketing discussion’ meeting yesterday.

He listened to my ideas and explanations of how to attract customers, and I hope, recognised my passion for great content and communication.

We certainly had a good laugh during our chat, which I believe is the essence of good business – that you enjoy working with people should be enthusiastic about helping them.

Too many people seem to  have no passion for the work they do and it makes it much harder for anyone to engage with them… Continue reading “Have you a story from ‘within’ your business?”

How are events playing a role in your marketing strategy?

m3networking_connectionsMany people are quite familiar with attending business networking-style events as part of their marketing activity.

Networking events can be a great way of meeting lots of new contacts in the hope of developing business and producing sales.

But there lies the issue – Is ‘hoping to connect with the right people’ a professional or effective strategy for your Customer Acquisition Programme?

Maybe it is, if you have lots of time to spare, or you are maybe, a fledgling business just wanting to feel your way in business and need to get some practice at networking.

      “Time is a major issue for us in our business”

However, as a more established business, you can’t afford to waste a great deal of time attending these networking events unless you can ensure that you will meet suitable prospects or connections for your business. Continue reading “How are events playing a role in your marketing strategy?”

UK Manufacturers urged to check out valuable round-table discussion groups

I am delighted to see that there is good news for UK manufacturers, as according to recent figures from the Markit PMI (Purchasing Managers Index), the sector is beginning to stabilise after it had declined in recent months. It prompted me to ask the question: “If you are running a traditional manufacturing business in the UK, where do you go to get advice or to bounce ideas off other business owners?”. Philip Drazen, of the Business Exposure Group thinks that his round table events could be just what manufacturing business owners need. Philip commented: “Business owners who attend our invitation-only … Continue reading UK Manufacturers urged to check out valuable round-table discussion groups

Manchester car servicing operation provides perfect route for their customers.

In marketing terms, I often talk to my clients about how they need to create an ideal ‘route to the sale’ for their prospective customers.

Any business has to have a plan in order to initially find customers, attract them and then influence them sufficiently that they decide to do business with you.

All this has to be done correctly in order for you to complete the sale.

You need to find ways of encouraging the customer to come closer towards you and in the process, allow them to learn more about how you operate. And, very importantly, teach you a little about what THEY want.

Then, when they are comfortable with you, this method of ‘attraction marketing’ will allow you to make your proposition to them at just the right time and should end with you concluding a deal… Continue reading “Manchester car servicing operation provides perfect route for their customers.”

Where can you find both valuable advice and top-quality connections?

A recent Business Exposure Group event

As Business owners and directors, we all have a variety of challenges facing us on a daily or weekly basis.

Some of these issues fit comfortably within our own sphere of expertise and we know instantly how to deal with them.

In some cases however, we come across issues that may need another level of expertise and maybe our own experiences don’t provide the solutions that we seek.

It is at times like this when we would ideally turn to an instant network of advisers that we had to hand, to whom we could turn – and more importantly, trust, to discuss our business issues with, without fear of the discussion being repeated elsewhere.

One place where I have recently found a perfectly acceptable solution to this dilemma is The Business Exposure Group who hold regular invitation only round-table business discussions across the North of England… Continue reading “Where can you find both valuable advice and top-quality connections?”

Social Media – Are you getting it right?

Check out this article by Jessica Sanders, researcher and professional blogger. She makes some good comments about how important content is for attracting business via social media channels. Why you’re doing social media all wrong I would take things even further by advising clients how to encourage conversations with their content and how to enable conversion from merely ‘web visitors’ to’ customers’. In our social media seminars, we cover some of the more specific things that can be done by all of us in generating business using social media channels. Continue reading Social Media – Are you getting it right?