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Where do you leave your breadcrumbs?

Once you have established your online presence, you will have automatically started to leave your own trail of digital breadcrumbs. It may not be something you planned but it is the start of you gaining the attention of your audience. The trail … Continue reading

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Linkedin Elevate – Recognising the Value of Content

The recent launch of Linkedin Elevate has shown the value that this professional business forum is now giving to good quality content. Elevate is a new service from Linkedin that is designed to help companies and employees curate high-quality content, share that content via … Continue reading

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Why Stories are worth spreading – by Andrew Thorp

Here is a guest post taken from an article by Andrew Thorp, who I shall refer to as the ‘Chief Storyteller’ at  Mojo Your Business – an award-winning consultancy and training company specialising in communication. Andrew is passionate about helping companies … Continue reading

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How effective is your PR?

Recent research has showed PR as having the highest return on investment of any marketing tactic with a return of nearly 3 times investment. A well-planned PR campaign can achieve different results for a business or individual. Whether that is … Continue reading

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How are you Filling your Sales Funnel?

For many years, much of the web content we see has been rather sales-focused. We were all informed as businesses, to think of our websites as ‘our shop window’ and our prospects were put into a ‘sales funnel’. Maybe nowadays we … Continue reading

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Get mobile-friendly to beat your competitors

With Google’s latest algorithm changes, we all have to address the issue of ‘Mobile’. This algorithm focuses on how mobile-friendly your website needs to be – in order for it to be noticed. Therefore all businesses will need to pay attention … Continue reading

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