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I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?

That’s a good question; Both SEO and Content Marketing are important Nowadays the two functions are integral. But they both need to be done correctly. Content Marketing is now so critical to you attracting new customers or visitors to your website, … Continue reading

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Have you created your ‘Customer Corridor’?

After reading my headline, you may be asking yourself “What on earth is a customer corridor?” That’s understandable – I was inspired, just as I was writing this article, to use the name to illustrate how my concept for attracting … Continue reading

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How do you catch a Hummingbird?

Google has recently rolled out their latest and most powerful search algorithm. Cutely named ‘Hummingbird’, it was introduced around the beginning of September and its’ intention is that it will improve the relevance of Google’s search results – particularly for … Continue reading

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Content Marketing is the key to your internet success

Content Marketing is what all businesses now need to start doing, in order to attract both the search engines and of course, humans – you remember them?  …to their web content. I hesitated to say ‘websites’ as they are not … Continue reading

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Is the property and construction sector slow to discover the power of Social Media?

I pondered about this question recently, whilst working on a strategic blog project for the Commercial Property Finance and Construction sector. I have certainly received very positive reaction from a number of businesses from within this sector and as part … Continue reading

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