How do you catch a Hummingbird?

hummingbirdGoogle has recently rolled out their latest and most powerful search algorithm.

Cutely named ‘Hummingbird’, it was introduced around the beginning of September and its’ intention is that it will improve the relevance of Google’s search results – particularly for longer, multi-word queries or long-tail keyword searches.

What is so clever about Hummingbird?

Simply, this new algorithm actually reads full sentences, rather than just the individual keywords contained in your search.

Google can, in effect, make sense of the question being asked and then direct the searcher to more relevant and therefore, valuable information they are looking for.

So, as a business, how should we react?

Example: If someone types into a search the question: ‘How can I change the gearbox on my car’, Google are now likely to send this person to whoever is providing that particular advice on their website – as opposed to sending the searcher to a site which is simply selling gearboxes.

You may still want to sell a gearbox to this customer, but in order to attract them to your website, you need to alter the focus of the content that you are displaying.

You first need to attract them to some ‘engaging’ content which deals with their issue.

So, yet again Google are bringing us back to the subject of good quality content.

We need to focus on providing information and knowledge around the issues and needs that our customers are experiencing, and our website content needs to provide exactly this.

Content is still king. But now you have to ensure it’s the right content!

This new Hummingbird algorithm is so-named, because it addresses both the speed of your site and the precision of your content.

It has always been better to aim your website content at the human visitor rather than try and appease the search engines, but now the search engines are becoming ‘more human’ in their understanding of searches.

When they start to accept voice searches by phone, and understand the true essence of your enquiry, then we really will have come a long way from where search engines first started.

How can I make it work for my business?

You need to write about topics which are of interest to your customers in order to be seen as an expert in your particular business sector or community.

Any 3rd-party content you can get published elsewhere and linked back to your website is very valuable.

This content must help you to engage with your customers and aid you in developing a relationship with them, in advance of them approaching you to buy your services.

Good Luck with your content writing!

David Lomas

Creating the right content and positioning you in front of the most appropriate audience for your business, is what we are passionate about at M3 Media Publishing.
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