Is the property and construction sector slow to discover the power of Social Media?

I pondered about this question recently, whilst working on a strategic blog project for the Commercial Property Finance and Construction sector.

I have certainly received very positive reaction from a number of businesses from within this sector and as part of the project, I needed to research how well these particular clients were adopting social media and blogging within their marketing strategy…

The information I gathered, tended to suggest that many businesses within the commercial property sector were predominantly using more traditional methods of marketing.

Don’t misunderstand me, the businesses I spoke with have all got properly-functioning websites, but haven’t yet pushed the boundaries much further into the daunting sphere of blogs, social media and internet marketing.

Some of them have stopped advertising, either directly or via hard-copy telephone directories and even ‘online directories’ as they ‘weren’t getting to the right audience’.

It made me realise that so many people do not yet fully understand the principle of ‘search-marketing’ where you can enable the customer to find you, rather than you trying to find him (or her, of course). Thus ensuring there is an interest in your offering from the outset.

Then all you need to do is just work cleverly to convert that interest into a sale.

This is no different from the traditional route only the process is sort of ‘reversed’ as the customer tracks you down.

I wondered if certain sectors, like the commercial property sector may be comfortable in their traditional environment and don’t feel they need to step out of their comfort zone.

But to be able to speak with a customer that already wants the service or product that you are offering, surely has to be a real bonus for your sales person?

One comment I received was “we operate in the commercial property and construction sector and don’t do any digital marketing at all at present and we still have business coming in. We mainly generate business through our professional contacts at events and exhibitions”.

I agreed with the client that it would be wrong to stop what they were doing but explained that there are marketing channels that could generate additional levels of business on top of their existing results. I  also suggested that these leads could be handled by their existing sales team at little extra cost or time to their business.

This particular client now wants to learn how it may be possible to produce a steady stream of qualified introductions for his business and I am delighted he is taking a step forward to discover the intriguing world of social media and internet marketing.

I suggest anyone in business should look into the opportunities that can be gained through new media marketing strategies – It’s not as daunting as you may think!
Article by David Lomas, courtesy of Commercial Property Aspects Magazine in Manchester

David can be contacted via M3 Publishing on 08450 519374 or at if you wish to learn how you can benefit from his strategic property alliance.

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