Content Marketing is the key to your internet success

Content Marketing is what all businesses now need to start doing, in order to attract both the search engines and of course, humans – you remember them?  …to their web content.

I hesitated to say ‘websites’ as they are not necessarily the best place to initially attract your prospective customers.

Many websites tend to go straight to the ‘This is what we can do’ sort of messages – effectively offering a solution to the customer before he or she has even decided whether they need the particular product or service.

Content marketing can and should be used to ‘influence’ prospective customers in advance of them arriving at your website. – If done correctly, the customer should have already made a positive decision as to whether he will consider buying from yo

We all therefore, need to look at improving the quality of content around our website and in turn, our business…

In fact, if the relevant sort of content is seen to appear on a 3rd party website, it can be much more of an ‘influence’ on the reader than anything that appears someone’s own website.

 Search Engine Optimisation

There are constant changes being made to how and what the search engines look at nowadays and some previously used tactics are no longer effective.

To attract and target customers to your content means that you have to pay more attention to the quality and relevance of the content that you publish. It needs to both attract readers and stimulate conversation between you and them.

The reason for this is the growing importance of ‘popularity’ for the search engines. So keeping visitors ‘engaged’ is the key. Search engines can now intelligently understand what interests the reader and can predict customer behaviour!

So, content publishing and content marketing can be critical to your business in attracting new customers and differentiating you, and your business from the competition.

Alongside this content, you need to have created a ‘route to the sale’ which must be planned specifically for these visitors to follow – otherwise you may never turn them into customers!

Alongside your content marketing efforts, maybe you should consider press release writing and distribution, and offering white papers or report documents as a tool for ‘conversion’.  This article and news distribution can allow people to discover your content in a variety of places, thereby boosting your digital profile even further.

David Lomas
M3 Media Publishing

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