How effective is your PR?


Recent research has showed PR as having the highest return on investment of any marketing tactic with a return of nearly 3 times investment.

A well-planned PR campaign can achieve different results for a business or individual.
Whether that is to increase brand profile, drive visitors to an event, target and influence a specific sector or produce sales enquiries.

But many business owners sometimes set unrealistic objectives for their PR campaigns and today, with the advent of Social Media, we all think that we can compete with PR.

It is not too difficult for anyone to make some noise on social media and catch the attention of an audience. However, ensuring that you get successful results from your efforts is a different matter… Continue reading “How effective is your PR?”

How are you Filling your Sales Funnel?

marketingmagnetFor many years, much of the web content we see has been rather sales-focused. We were all informed as businesses, to think of our websites as ‘our shop window’ and our prospects were put into a ‘sales funnel’.

Maybe nowadays we should look at our websites as more like ‘consulting rooms’ and our sales funnel as the route to our surgery.

By this I am suggesting our website should be a place where people can come to ask questions and look for ways to understand their worries.

We must do this before our prospects are ready to actually buy anything, as many of them don’t actually know what they yet want… Continue reading “How are you Filling your Sales Funnel?”

Content – Are you using it correctly to get customers?

content_pen“Content is King” – This statement about content has been used for a few years now.

It draws our attention to the importance of content and makes some of us wonder whether we are using content effectively.

Most business people that I talk to tend to make the same, or very similar, statements to me when we discuss their marketing, ideas for their content and their social media strategy.

Some of their statements to me include…

“I don’t  find it easy to write about myself in a really positive way”

“I never find that I ever have enough time to write content”

“We don’t really use content or social media very effectively”

These first three comments are very typical. It is because many of us do not enjoy being in the limelight.

Few of us really like to shout out about how good we are and therefore find it difficult to put it self-praise into words. I suppose it is the British way – to be reserved and modest… Continue reading “Content – Are you using it correctly to get customers?”

What is the key to successful blogging?

Better content leads to better prospects for your business
Better content attracts better prospects

Why should your business have a blog?

The easy thing to do, is firstly, to give you two simple answers…

1. Blogs are highly visible to search engines – and if updated regularly with content, they will enable your website to be found more easily.

2. Blogs are interactive – Which is important from both a customer’s and a search engine perspective – It is important that your customers can engage and share your content and critically, the search engines can then measure this interaction.

A ‘blog’ can be a superb, yet simple way to publish company news, articles and maybe offers and provide links to other pages on your website – as long as you understand the types of information you need to publish and the knack of how to attract customers with what you are writing.

Check an example of another blog page at

More importantly, a blog can be an interactive tool to help attract and continually communicate with your customers.

The two answers I provided above, do need further explanation as they are both critical factors why blogs can be successful… Continue reading “What is the key to successful blogging?”

If Carlsberg wrote testimonial letters…

carlsbergOne prospective client for our construction and property sector strategic marketing programme recently asked, “Could we have a written testimonial from one of your customers?” – A question that I’m sure, many of us have been asked before.

Many people nowadays, want to do that final bit of ‘due diligence’ on you before they commit to buying, and it is far more valuable for someone to hear how good you are from a 3rd party, as opposed to getting that same message from your own website or even directly from yourself.

In fact, it is the way that we all behave nowadays, in this ‘research’ environment – our activity on social media platforms, websites and forums allows us to ‘check people out’, before we make a decision to even begin talking with them. (We all generally prefer to be in a ‘sales-free environment and not under pressure when we make any decision)… Continue reading “If Carlsberg wrote testimonial letters…”

What business benefit can you get out of twitter?

twitter_bird_with_signSince the rise of social media and twitter in particular, new rules have had to be ‘drawn up’ on etiquette and proper usage, especially when it comes to businesses.

It’s not just about the content you post, but also ‘how you present your business’ through twitter, who you interact with, and how you interact with them.

Even if you master all that, you then need to be able to ensure that not only is your account visible, but also feels like an integrated part of your company, rather than a marketing tool that’s been sewed on because ‘everyone else is doing it’.

Continue reading “What business benefit can you get out of twitter?”