Why Stories are worth spreading – by Andrew Thorp

AndrewThorp1Here is a guest post taken from an article by Andrew Thorp, who I shall refer to as the ‘Chief Storyteller’ at  Mojo Your Business – an award-winning consultancy and training company specialising in communication.

Andrew is passionate about helping companies understand what makes them different to their rivals. He then will assist them in crafting that into a compelling story; then help them to tell their story really well.

Here, Andrew shares his thoughts after speaking at a recent M3 Connections event at RBS in Manchester.

There are several content marketing experts in my business network but the most evangelical is surely David Lomas of M3 Media Publishing. I had the pleasure of sharing a platform with him last night at one of his ‘Connections’ events (at RBS Manchester) and was asked to speak on ‘The Importance of stories in promoting your business’. Continue reading “Why Stories are worth spreading – by Andrew Thorp”

How effective is your PR?


Recent research has showed PR as having the highest return on investment of any marketing tactic with a return of nearly 3 times investment.

A well-planned PR campaign can achieve different results for a business or individual.
Whether that is to increase brand profile, drive visitors to an event, target and influence a specific sector or produce sales enquiries.

But many business owners sometimes set unrealistic objectives for their PR campaigns and today, with the advent of Social Media, we all think that we can compete with PR.

It is not too difficult for anyone to make some noise on social media and catch the attention of an audience. However, ensuring that you get successful results from your efforts is a different matter… Continue reading “How effective is your PR?”

Good content writing and SEO will boost your web traffic

I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?

Good content writing and SEO will boost your web trafficThat’s a good question; Both SEO and Content Marketing are important

Nowadays the two functions are integral. But they both need to be done correctly.

Content Marketing is now so critical to you attracting new customers or visitors to your website, that you really need to speak to content marketing experts to get it done well.

Even better, if you can deal directly with a publisher or ‘content curator’ like M3 Media Publishing, there are further advantages in them being able to position your content in more relevant and influential places on the internet. Continue reading “I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?”

Why you should treat Linkedin as your Garden

linkedingardenLinkedin Groups are a great way to discover people working in specific sectors or maybe who have an interest in a particular subject.

They are also a great place to attract a targeted audience of prospects for your business.

The members of these different and sometimes specifically-targeted groups, have usually joined them, both to share knowledge and learn from others working in the same sector.

Some of them may also have joined a group because of their allegiance to a regional networking group or perhaps a local business organisation.

Whichever the case, it is the place where THEY have chosen to ‘hang out’.

So why not consider Linkedin like your personal garden?

Linkedin is somewhere that you can find your ideal prospects and then carefully feed and nurture them until they are ready to be harvested. A great place to illustrate to these prospective customers, how you would care for them over the long term if they were to become your customers…

Continue reading “Why you should treat Linkedin as your Garden”

Content – Are you using it correctly to get customers?

content_pen“Content is King” – This statement about content has been used for a few years now.

It draws our attention to the importance of content and makes some of us wonder whether we are using content effectively.

Most business people that I talk to tend to make the same, or very similar, statements to me when we discuss their marketing, ideas for their content and their social media strategy.

Some of their statements to me include…

“I don’t  find it easy to write about myself in a really positive way”

“I never find that I ever have enough time to write content”

“We don’t really use content or social media very effectively”

These first three comments are very typical. It is because many of us do not enjoy being in the limelight.

Few of us really like to shout out about how good we are and therefore find it difficult to put it self-praise into words. I suppose it is the British way – to be reserved and modest… Continue reading “Content – Are you using it correctly to get customers?”

Have you created your ‘Customer Corridor’?

corridorAfter reading my headline, you may be asking yourself “What on earth is a customer corridor?”

That’s understandable – I was inspired, just as I was writing this article, to use the name to illustrate how my concept for attracting and influencing customers, actually leads them directly to your door.

So in fact, it’s really quite a logical and apt description!

I have, in previous articles, described this corridor as the ‘route to the sale’, and I talk about it in my presentations at our Connections events.

This is the path we all need to provide for our prospective customers to make it easy for them to find their way to us.

But critically, we need to gently influence them on the way…

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