Word of Mouth – How valuable is it to your business?

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If people talk about your business in a positive way, it is great news. But most of us either don’t take advantage of other’s comments, or don’t know how to spread these words. So how can we make more of this? We spoke to David Lomas at M3 Media, the content strategy experts, who said: “Having positive stories and comments written about you, by someone else, is equally as powerful as ‘word of mouth’ and can be spread much more easily nowadays through social media”. David continued: “If your target prospects get to read what others are… Continue reading Word of Mouth – How valuable is it to your business?

How are events playing a role in your marketing strategy?

m3networking_connectionsMany people are quite familiar with attending business networking-style events as part of their marketing activity.

Networking events can be a great way of meeting lots of new contacts in the hope of developing business and producing sales.

But there lies the issue – Is ‘hoping to connect with the right people’ a professional or effective strategy for your Customer Acquisition Programme?

Maybe it is, if you have lots of time to spare, or you are maybe, a fledgling business just wanting to feel your way in business and need to get some practice at networking.

      “Time is a major issue for us in our business”

However, as a more established business, you can’t afford to waste a great deal of time attending these networking events unless you can ensure that you will meet suitable prospects or connections for your business. Continue reading “How are events playing a role in your marketing strategy?”

How to create ‘Trust’ through your content

imageWhen we create any sort of content for marketing purposes, we all, as business owners, want it to have a positive effect on our prospective customer or reader.

Otherwise, why go to the trouble of writing it?

Ideally we want to build some sort of ‘trust’ with this prospective audience, do we not?

Using catchy headlines and producing a grammatically well-written article is important when attracting both your reader and the search engines. But that alone, is not what will help engage your audience and develop some form of trust with them.

What you need to do is help your reader to ‘learn’ about your expertise… Continue reading “How to create ‘Trust’ through your content”

Content Marketing – On who or what should you focus?

focusWe must all start our content marketing strategy with our customer in mind. But first we must understand exactly what are our customer’s issues.

It is good to ask yourself what is my prospective customer thinking about today?

Maybe you consider: What is it that I can send my prospect that will grab his attention?

To explain further, we publish a magazine in the HR and Recruitment sector and one of our clients is an HR Consultancy – and a very good one too.

If we want to help them engage with their prospective new clients, we won’t simply push out a message about the services they offer.

That may surprise you, coming from a marketing agency, but it shouldn’t… Continue reading “Content Marketing – On who or what should you focus?”

Content – Are you using it correctly to get customers?

content_pen“Content is King” – This statement about content has been used for a few years now.

It draws our attention to the importance of content and makes some of us wonder whether we are using content effectively.

Most business people that I talk to tend to make the same, or very similar, statements to me when we discuss their marketing, ideas for their content and their social media strategy.

Some of their statements to me include…

“I don’t  find it easy to write about myself in a really positive way”

“I never find that I ever have enough time to write content”

“We don’t really use content or social media very effectively”

These first three comments are very typical. It is because many of us do not enjoy being in the limelight.

Few of us really like to shout out about how good we are and therefore find it difficult to put it self-praise into words. I suppose it is the British way – to be reserved and modest… Continue reading “Content – Are you using it correctly to get customers?”

Have you created your ‘Customer Corridor’?

corridorAfter reading my headline, you may be asking yourself “What on earth is a customer corridor?”

That’s understandable – I was inspired, just as I was writing this article, to use the name to illustrate how my concept for attracting and influencing customers, actually leads them directly to your door.

So in fact, it’s really quite a logical and apt description!

I have, in previous articles, described this corridor as the ‘route to the sale’, and I talk about it in my presentations at our Connections events.

This is the path we all need to provide for our prospective customers to make it easy for them to find their way to us.

But critically, we need to gently influence them on the way…

Continue reading “Have you created your ‘Customer Corridor’?”