Social Media

Through our partners at M3 Media Publishing we have exclusive access to a portfolio of digital magazines such as Property Aspects Magazine and HR Aspects Magazine through which are distributed dozens of uniquely-written, properly keyworded, top-quality articles to thousands of targeted business owners and groups using innovative Social Media techniques.

A Unique Marketing Channel for your business

By using these social media channels, we can get a positive message about your business in front of your chosen business audience each month, in a very cost-effective and clever way.

At present, we focus on two sectors The HR sector and also the Property Finance and Construction sector.

Property Aspects Magazine is our online magazine which is aimed at any business operating within the property, finance and construction sector.
Whether you are looking to raise your profile within that sector, or you may have stories and examples of the quality of work you have done, then this innovative property-focused publication could help you really spread the word about your business.

In the same way, another title in our portfolio, HR Aspects Magazine is aimed at a readership of businesses that are looking for a wide range of HR and People Management-related services.

Use a simple social media strategy to find your perfect customers

The value of these online magazines is growing considerably as unique digital content and of course, social media, becomes a vitally important part of everyone’s everyday marketing strategy.

More importantly, it is what Google are looking for!

The big bonus with the programme we put in place for our clients is that a lot of the work involved in writing and creating articles is done for you.
The extra work that you can do within the social media environment can be simple and easy, the benefits are ‘you can find more business’ and the cost in your time is minimal.

If you work in either HR and Recruitment, Property, Finance or Construction or in the Business Advice sector, please call us for a FREE consultation on how you can generate sales for your business using our social media strategy.

Call us on  08450 519374

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