Good content writing and SEO will boost your web traffic

I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?

Good content writing and SEO will boost your web trafficThat’s a good question; Both SEO and Content Marketing are important

Nowadays the two functions are integral. But they both need to be done correctly.

Content Marketing is now so critical to you attracting new customers or visitors to your website, that you really need to speak to content marketing experts to get it done well.

Even better, if you can deal directly with a publisher or ‘content curator’ like M3 Media Publishing, there are further advantages in them being able to position your content in more relevant and influential places on the internet. Continue reading “I’m already paying for SEO, why bother with Content Marketing?”

Have you a story from ‘within’ your business?

I would like to say thanks to Paul Green at The Versatile Lift Company  for the prompt and very flattering tweet that he sent me after our ‘marketing discussion’ meeting yesterday.

He listened to my ideas and explanations of how to attract customers, and I hope, recognised my passion for great content and communication.

We certainly had a good laugh during our chat, which I believe is the essence of good business – that you enjoy working with people should be enthusiastic about helping them.

Too many people seem to  have no passion for the work they do and it makes it much harder for anyone to engage with them… Continue reading “Have you a story from ‘within’ your business?”

Why you should treat Linkedin as your Garden

linkedingardenLinkedin Groups are a great way to discover people working in specific sectors or maybe who have an interest in a particular subject.

They are also a great place to attract a targeted audience of prospects for your business.

The members of these different and sometimes specifically-targeted groups, have usually joined them, both to share knowledge and learn from others working in the same sector.

Some of them may also have joined a group because of their allegiance to a regional networking group or perhaps a local business organisation.

Whichever the case, it is the place where THEY have chosen to ‘hang out’.

So why not consider Linkedin like your personal garden?

Linkedin is somewhere that you can find your ideal prospects and then carefully feed and nurture them until they are ready to be harvested. A great place to illustrate to these prospective customers, how you would care for them over the long term if they were to become your customers…

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Content Marketing – What is the Winning Formula?

content1The idea for the title of this post came from a connection of mine Brian Gregory, from Safety Management Ltd as part of an online discussion we were having about content marketing on Linkedin.

It made me think about the phrase he used in his comment on my article, which was entitled ‘What makes good content?’. The phrase he used was ‘Winning Formula’.

To be successful with ‘content marketing’, or ‘Valued Communication’ which I would prefer to describe it, we have to ensure that we do follow a set formula or strategy… Continue reading “Content Marketing – What is the Winning Formula?”

How to create ‘Trust’ through your content

imageWhen we create any sort of content for marketing purposes, we all, as business owners, want it to have a positive effect on our prospective customer or reader.

Otherwise, why go to the trouble of writing it?

Ideally we want to build some sort of ‘trust’ with this prospective audience, do we not?

Using catchy headlines and producing a grammatically well-written article is important when attracting both your reader and the search engines. But that alone, is not what will help engage your audience and develop some form of trust with them.

What you need to do is help your reader to ‘learn’ about your expertise… Continue reading “How to create ‘Trust’ through your content”

Content Marketing – On who or what should you focus?

focusWe must all start our content marketing strategy with our customer in mind. But first we must understand exactly what are our customer’s issues.

It is good to ask yourself what is my prospective customer thinking about today?

Maybe you consider: What is it that I can send my prospect that will grab his attention?

To explain further, we publish a magazine in the HR and Recruitment sector and one of our clients is an HR Consultancy – and a very good one too.

If we want to help them engage with their prospective new clients, we won’t simply push out a message about the services they offer.

That may surprise you, coming from a marketing agency, but it shouldn’t… Continue reading “Content Marketing – On who or what should you focus?”