content marketing must attract and engage your target audience

What is Content Marketing?

content marketing must attract and engage your target audience

Well, my definition is: “Content marketing is the creation, publication and distribution of relevant and engaging content in a structured and strategic manner, as a way of attracting and engaging with your target audience”.

That is a bit of a mouthful, but unless every aspect of your content strategy is used, then the chances of your efforts actually gaining customers, will be very low.

Your content must be part of a structure that every business should create, as a channel for attracting customers towards them.

In this world of ‘push marketing’, we must learn the techniques for bringing the customer towards us, allowing them to discover our expertise, as opposed to just  ‘pushing’ our message at them…

The key is in ensuring that the real ‘value’ of what you offer your customers, stands out in the content that you produce.

Too many businesses just seem to list the facts and figures about their business, in their marketing and through their individual communication. This will NOT excite your prospects in any way.

Any written or verbal communication is made up of different parts, and when we understand each of them,  we will be more successful in getting others to listen or take notice of our message.

More importantly, if the content of your message actually ‘resonates’ with the listener or reader, then you will have a better chance of actually engaging or ‘connecting’ with your audience.

You then need to build a structure around your content, enabling your customer to continue along this ‘path of influence’ that you have provided.

Effectively, you are laying a trail for your prospects to follow, straight to your front door.

So, get your content right, put it together in a way that draws the customer towards you, give them a path to follow and then show them their chance to further benefit from connecting with you, and you will be successful.

Good Luck

David Lomas

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