content strategies to attract customers

How can articles help you generate business?

content strategies to attract customersEven a well-written article may not be enough to actually ‘generate’ business on its’own.
When you write an article or create any sort of ‘content’, it needs to sit as part of the ‘route’ that you create for your prospective customers to follow.

This route must be designed to actually lead your web visitors, or readers, right to your front door.

I sometimes refer to this route as the ‘customer corridor’ and your articles will only work for you when they form part of this route.

Very simply, you need to create a number of simple steps for your prospects to take to reach you…

I see too many cases of businesses that want to get straight to ‘making the sale’ at the very first instance of their communication.

If we met someone in a networking event, we would start by getting to create some form of ‘rapport’ with that person. Thus showing that we have an interest in ‘them’ and not just in selling our own services.

The way we behave is critical in the early stages of meeting someone.

Most people, when they first meet you, are assessing (sometimes without realising it) whether we are trustworthy and genuine. Your behaviour is critical in influencing them in making the most important decision – whether you are the right person for them to deal with.

The decision about you, is made before they assess whether you are competent in actually helping their business.

Building trust and gaining someone’s confidence must be done a step at a time and written content needs to be used in exactly the same way.

Your articles are like ‘stepping stones’ for your prospects.

Each article that you write needs to engage your prospect and leave them wanting to know more. Your job is to leave this further information within ‘easy reach’.

If at each point, your prospect is given some idea that you can be helpful to him, then the next step is for you to offer the next piece of valuable information to him.

This may be a ‘whitepaper’ style document that contains some more ‘in-depth’ information which follows the theme of your first article. This enables you to retain the focus of your prospective customer on the subject that first caught his attention.

This secondary, or ‘teaser’ document, should ideally be placed within your website – and partially hidden from view. This then allows you to offer it to your reader, in exchange for his email address.

Thereby completing a simple customer ‘route’ to your door, but more importantly, providing you with a method of converting your reader into a qualified prospect.

Good Luck with your content!

David Lomas

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