Content Marketing – What is the Winning Formula?

content1The idea for the title of this post came from a connection of mine Brian Gregory, from Safety Management Ltd as part of an online discussion we were having about content marketing on Linkedin.

It made me think about the phrase he used in his comment on my article, which was entitled ‘What makes good content?’. The phrase he used was ‘Winning Formula’.

To be successful with ‘content marketing’, or ‘Valued Communication’ which I would prefer to describe it, we have to ensure that we do follow a set formula or strategy…

Success is not just down to the content, but the way it is presented and how the layout of the content actually draws the customer to you without feeling they have been ‘sold to’.

I have a term which describes this procedure, which is ‘Digital Breadcrumbs’.

How to Attract and engage with your audience

The content you present must quickly gain the attention of your audience. It should therefore be relevant to them and should be used to subtly to illustrate the way you have worked with others in similar circumstances.

This can be done most effectively by use of stories that we should all have saved in our own personal ‘mental library’. You must then, in some way aim to get your audience to picture themselves within your story.

This is the real key to the ‘engagement’ of your prospect.

How to get your audience to evaluate your offering

The next step in your mission is to show the audience the ‘legacy’ or ‘benefit’ that they may derive from an association with you.

A good storyteller can enable their audience to evaluate this benefit in their own mind and this should prompt your listener or reader to want to ‘take action’.

How to get the audience to take their first step towards you

After understanding how you have helped others and recognising the potential benefits of working with you, your prospects now need to know how it will work for them.

The solution they seek to unlock this knowledge will be contained in your next piece of content which you will offer them as the next step in their route to your door.

Whether this is done as a download on your website or a reward at the end of your talk, the value of this hidden content is that it is used to draw out your prospect.

A simple offer of ‘Give me your business card if you want to know how this can work for you’ is so easy at the end of your presentation.

The same thing should be built into your entire content strategy, with a similar offer on your website, such as ‘Please enter your email address to get the free report’.

So that is a very simple explanation of how we work in the content marketing arena.

The key is to find your audience, then you can start your content marketing campaign.

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