UK Manufacturers urged to check out valuable round-table discussion groups

A recent Business Exposure Group event

A recent Business Exposure Group event

I am delighted to see that there is good news for UK manufacturers, as according to recent figures from the Markit PMI (Purchasing Managers Index), the sector is beginning to stabilise after it had declined in recent months.
It prompted me to ask the question: “If you are running a traditional manufacturing business in the UK, where do you go to get advice or to bounce ideas off other business owners?”.

Philip Drazen, of the Business Exposure Group thinks that his round table events could be just what manufacturing business owners need.

Philip commented: “Business owners who attend our invitation-only events are always glad they have attended.  They gain an insight from someone, who perhaps isn’t in the same industry as them, which can be valuable to them as both guidance and support.

He added “These events also offer an excellent opportunity for business owners to swap success stories and discuss challenges they may be facing within their business.”

This strikes me as something that can be of value to any business owner working in the manufacturing sector as it can sometimes be a lonely place when the market is tough.

These well-run discussion groups are constantly assisting directors and business owners in creating a positive outlook.

In fact, the future seems to be generally looking better for all businesses involved in the Business Exposure Group discussions.

If you run a manufacturing business and would like to attend one of these informative round-table discussions in either Manchester, Leeds. Wetherby or Sheffield, please contact me, David Lomas on 08450 519374

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