Business Exposure Group Aims to help Business Owners Tackle the Current Climate

A recent Business Exposure Group event
A recent Business Exposure Group event

A discussion group for business owners and directors being run across Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Greater Manchester is aiming to help businesses tackle the difficult current climate via their forum meetings.

The Business Exposure Group (BXG), set up and chaired by entrepreneur Philip Drazen, runs ten times every month at different venues across the region and is designed to generate straight-to-the-point business advice for owners and directors, which addresses the issues and current affairs they may be facing.

While the group is exclusive to owners and directors, it is open to all ages and all sectors of business…

Philip Drazen believes that at this point in time, the Business Exposure Group ‘discussion forum’ model is more important than ever.

He commented: “The harsh economic climate has tested the mettle of small businesses as never before. No sector has remained untouched since the credit crunch, and prudence has been the word on all lenders lips as the banks have placed funding applications under increased scrutiny. Inevitably, the consequences of these actions have filtered through to the SME community placing cashflows under intense strain. Owners of these businesses need to consider their options with their “business friends.”

He continued: “Great businesses can flourish even in the worse times. It is important to note that innovation and entrepreneurship do not stop during downturns in the business cycle. The more you know, the more people you know, the more secure you can be by surrounding yourself with a pool of talent to call up for advice and reassurance. BXG is the platform to come in from the cold. Owners of businesses must have a positive attitude. It’s like rock climbing – you don’t focus on falling you focus on being good at climbing.”

Members of the groups were quick and plentiful to back up the immense usefulness of the forums. One member stated: “The BXG has been a useful group to get involved with. The sessions have always helped to look at my business in a different way with other MD’s from different businesses and sectors. It has also given me some useful business contacts along the way. Philip co-ordinates the meetings and leads the direction in a very good way.”

Another member commented: “Philip has a vast knowledge of all aspects of business, he has helped me tremendously in the last 12 months.

I look forward to the monthly meetings as it’s great to get so many like-minded people in one room all trying to help each without any hidden agendas.”

To read some of the advice and topics covered from Business Exposure Group discussions, visit

If you are a Director or business owner and would like to attend one of their informative round-table discussions, please contact

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