If Carlsberg wrote testimonial letters…

carlsbergOne prospective client for our construction and property sector strategic marketing programme recently asked, “Could we have a written testimonial from one of your customers?” – A question that I’m sure, many of us have been asked before.

Many people nowadays, want to do that final bit of ‘due diligence’ on you before they commit to buying, and it is far more valuable for someone to hear how good you are from a 3rd party, as opposed to getting that same message from your own website or even directly from yourself.

In fact, it is the way that we all behave nowadays, in this ‘research’ environment – our activity on social media platforms, websites and forums allows us to ‘check people out’, before we make a decision to even begin talking with them. (We all generally prefer to be in a ‘sales-free environment and not under pressure when we make any decision)…

It is therefore critical that you ensure, before you even approach your prospective client or customer, that ‘your reputation goes before you!’ (That could even be the subject of my next blog topic!)

The whole concept of my ‘strategic marketing programmes’ is based on positioning and influencing of you, your values and your attitudes (and those of your team) and also creating your own personal brand.

This can have a critical impact on your success, in advance of you meeting any potential customer. It can also make a difference to whether you get that ‘sale’ or even the initial enquiry!!

So, when my new prospect asked me for a written recommendation from one of my clients, I happily referred him to Peter Knight at Knight Site Solutions who uses our content marketing programme to generate himself a steady flow of business.

Peter understands how to use our services and is passionate about what we do for his business. (He also does a very good job for his clients, may I say).

I will simply show you Peter’s letter (which is below), as it really speaks for itself…

Thanks for reading.

David Lomas

Recommendation letter from Peter Knight:-

Dear Sirs,

I am more than happy to relate the return on the modest investment my company has made through working with M3 Media Publishing.

I met David Lomas, their CEO in August last year.

I needed a low-cost way to raise awareness of our customer offer, in a strategic, efficient and customer friendly manner. I did not want to annoy our prospective clients, or indeed clog up their email inboxes with unsolicited sales messages.

My philosophy has been to employ a more innovative and creative way of raising my company profile and continuous publishing of my articles in their digital Property Aspects Magazine has exceeded my expectations.

The philosophy behind the magazine is simple; It relies on strategically placing relevant and contextual content within our prospective client’s marketplace. It is written by their own copywriters in a manner that initially attracts attention and interest through a compelling headline and allows a potential client the ‘choice’ to open the article if they choose to.

You can read some of the articles to which I have contributed and you can see that they are not overtly selling. They allow the reader to easily understand the issue and offers of help, should they be interested.

Our company name features throughout the article with very valuable links to our website and our contact details are the last item on the page.

The beauty of this method is that it demonstrates our experience and customer offer in a non-confrontational way and as it is featured within Property Aspects Magazine, it gives the client the confidence of a very credible third party validation.

The articles are regularly distributed via social media through the magazines other ‘strategic contributors’ to hundreds of thousands of specially-targeted prospects.

Furthermore, the Property Aspects team write the articles in such a way that they are search engine friendly – meaning that the articles appear regularly on page one of Google listings.

For example; When searching “commercial property specialist in Manchester” an interesting and useful article featuring my company appears at the top of the list on Page 1 on Google.

To achieve this through normal SEO activity would have taken me many months and required a significant financial outlay.

 Does Property Aspects Magazine produce results?

Since August 2012 we have won orders in excess of £50k and currently have over £200k in quotes awaiting completion.

When traced back, they can all be sourced to one of the Property Aspects articles in which we have contributed or have been quoted.

The content within the magazine, helps me generate me at least six, face to face, high quality meetings with prospective clients every week.

I could easily create more.

Additionally, when prospecting for work via networking and events, I do not have a problem making contact with prospective clients as they are already aware of my company and in some way, trust me, as a result of the elevated profile we have gained through Property Aspects Magazine.

It has worked to raise my profile considerably.

In short, it gives me great pleasure in recommending M3Media Publishing and Property Aspects to your company and I would go further in urging you to seriously consider the disproportional benefit to be made from what is a small investment.

One piece of business per year is all it has taken for our investment to break even.

I hope this recommendation is useful to you and if you would like to chat further, feel free to call me on the numbers below

Warmest Regards,

Peter Knight ACIOB 


Knight Morris Ltd     

Digital World Centre | Lowry Plaza | Salford Quays | M50 3UB 

Office: 0161 300 3001 | Tel: 07786 118818 | Email: peter@knightss.co.uk

M3 Media Publishing publish Property Aspects and also HR Aspects  Magazines and host events for directors and business owners who operate in all sectors.

If you are wanting to meet good quality business leaders in the North West, please call David Lomas on 08450 519374.


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