Content Marketing and Social Media – How are you combining them to get sales?

Did you know that Social media indicators (that’s ‘likes’ ‘shares’ and ‘tweets’ etc.) are now an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm?

This social media ‘activity’ when related to your website, helps indicate to the search engines, the actual ‘authority’ of your website. This in turn translates into rankings for your web pages.

This is a clear message that tells me that the focus on your customer is now, even more profoundly important.

Maybe we all knew that eh?

Some of you may even be putting this ‘customer focus’ into practice when dealing face to face with them, and maybe in your marketing literature, but the problem is that digitally, most of you are not taking advantage of putting it into words!

Social media is now one of the easiest and best places to keep in touch with both your personal business contacts and more importantly, your potential connections

It provides the greatest opportunity for many businesses to influence the people around them with positive carefully-crafted messages.

So you need to start creating some of your own, valuable content NOW.

Social Media channels are where your potential customers are likely to be hanging out, and it is vitally important that you are not just ‘part of their conversations’ but that you actually are seen to ‘influence’ those discussions.

As we come into 2013, if you don’t get involved in digital chat, you may go unnoticed by some of your existing customers, who may perhaps find one of your more forward-thinking competitors talking to them!

The key to your success within this fast-moving social media environment, may be to understand the principles of ‘Content Marketing’ and learn how to use them to your advantage.

So what is Content Marketing?

I would describe content marketing as: ‘The Creation and distribution of issue-based and informative content, which focuses on your target audience, in order to first attract them to your business and then help convert them into qualified prospects’.   

The key to content marketing is really the ‘focus’ of that content – and the point is, that it should be aimed at the customer and not be about you and your business.

Website Content Marketing

The first place for any business to start looking at content marketing, is within their own website.

It may look pretty, it may be technically very good, but if the words focus more on your business and not on the customer, it won’t work for you as well as it could.

One simple tip that I have given many people, is to count the number of ‘we’s and ‘I’s on their website in ratio to the amount of times that it uses the word ‘YOU’.

I guess that most websites have a ratio of at least 20:1 in favour of ‘we’ ‘us’ and ‘our’?

If you can improve this ratio in favour of the ‘you’s, you could see a distinct difference in your customer response rate!

There are other things that you can do to help conversion too. Such as using whitepapers and other ‘teaser content’ which draws out your prospects for you to identify.

We recently offered a document to people interested in the ‘Green Deal’ within an article in our Property Aspects Magazine and received some 26 requests from perfectly-targeted respondees overnight. Thereby offering an ideal ‘route to market’ to those prospects.


The bottom line is that we all need to start looking at content – how to write it and where to publish it for maximum effect and hopefully sales.

I am happy to have a chat with anyone to see where we can help or direct you with regard to your content marketing strategy.

David Lomas

About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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4 Responses to Content Marketing and Social Media – How are you combining them to get sales?

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  2. Hi David,
    Great article! Couldn’t agree more. I find that blog posts for example which are helpful will draw more hits on our site than those which are “self-promotional”.
    Creating a “web” between all the various Social Media channels is also quite good and quite often drives the Social Bookmark numbers up.

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