Manchester car servicing operation provides perfect route for their customers.

In marketing terms, I often talk to my clients about how they need to create an ideal ‘route to the sale’ for their prospective customers.

Any business has to have a plan in order to initially find customers, attract them and then influence them sufficiently that they decide to do business with you.

All this has to be done correctly in order for you to complete the sale.

You need to find ways of encouraging the customer to come closer towards you and in the process, allow them to learn more about how you operate. And, very importantly, teach you a little about what THEY want.

Then, when they are comfortable with you, this method of ‘attraction marketing’ will allow you to make your proposition to them at just the right time and should end with you concluding a deal…

Effectively, they have happily followed the ‘track’ that you laid out for them, which, with practice, should become a well-travelled ‘route’ to the sale.

Attracting customers to you is the key to success

I experienced this first-hand very recently when I was approached at the Salford Expo event by a lady with a cheery attitude and more importantly, a plateful of tasty food!

Many of you know how hard I would find it to resist this and of course, I was duly tempted.

Whilst sampling my mozzarella and tomato crostini, the lady in question introduced herself and confidently stated to me “We can service your car for £80!”

I looked at her with a questioning look (and a mouthful of cheese and tomato) and said “I think that would be somewhat unprofitable for you as my car, with it’s expensive eight-cylinder engine would normally cost closer to £500 at a certain German-controlled motor dealership”. “You won’t want to do it for £80”.

Oh yes we do!, she repeated     “…and we have coffee on our stand!”

I was not only intrigued, but more refreshments were on offer to me!

No surprise to some of you, that I promptly found their stand.

I was treated to a coffee where I was able to quiz these intriguing and very hospitable car service people, about how they operate.

Within 5 minutes talking with them, I could sense the pride with which they looked after customers and even saw an example of the excellent work they do when a customer who came on their stand to thank them for not only servicing her car for £80, but also for collecting and returning it and giving it a quick valet in the process! (All done within the price – remarkable I thought).

Their offer, which I also discovered included parts and oil, was staggering!

By this time, it was just too good to turn down – especially with the extreme confidence I now had in these people.

Within 3 days I had what is an interim service on my car, including parts for £80 plus vat.

(May I say, my super duper fully synthetic oil was a little extra but that was my choice because of the type of car that I drive).

The attitude of the team at the exhibition and also at the garage itself, was polite, enthusiastic and professional and all they asked in return, was that I tell someone about them and their service.

This was a perfect example of ‘Know, like and trust’ syndrome – which is the whole psychology behind my ‘route to the sale’ theory.

From a marketing point of view their natural and hospitable approach to helping people was evident from start to finish. They attracted my attention, invited me into their relaxed environment and allowed me to get to know like and trust them – which made it so easy for me to make the decision to use their services.

They had taken me along a perfect route and I just couldn’t resist taking them up on their incredible offer! May I also say, I was never at any time put under pressure by one member of their team.

But the attitude, treatment and service I received from them throughout the whole process was incredible and I will tell everyone that I come into contact with, how good they were.

Their name is REDLINE they are based close to Eccles in Manchester.

The people to talk to are Trevor and his wife Jeanette – they are lovely people.

Did I mention the name? It’s  REDLINE AUTOMOTIVE

Their telephone number is 0161  707  7754 and they WILL service your car for £80 if you get it to them before the end of this year! Even after that a full service with MOT is still only £125 for a 2 litre car.

Please put their number in your phone today. I will repeat it just in case you didn’t quite get it, it’s 0161 707 7754.

Do yourself, your business – and your car! a favour – Try them out!

Redline …remember it!

If the idea of getting your vehicle serviced by some really good and very trustworthy people appeals to you, and only costs you £80, call them today and please mention this article. They deserve it!

May I say, Redline, you did a superb job on both me and my car. Well done!

Website is here

By the way you can also find Trevor via his twitter account @Redline_Eccles

David Lomas
A happy motorist and enthusiastic digital publisher in Cheshire.

If you know of anyone that does a good job – if they can get their marketing right and also look after me, like these people have, I will give them a similar write-up!

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