Social media – A free guide for the Charities and Voluntary Sector

Free Social Media guide includes advice on using mobile Apps

The Guardian Newspaper is offering a free guide on the subject of using social media in the voluntary sector.

It highlighted to them how many people were already using social media.

They seemed ‘surprised’ (in their words), at how many people were already ‘engaging in social media’ within the charities sector. It did make me wonder if some people really do live in a closed environment?!

Anyway, they did discover that plenty of us are using social media, but many people are not very sure about how to integrate social media with other forms of marketing communication for the benefit of their business.

At M3 Media Publishing, we did similar research ourselves into both the ‘Property and Construction’ sector and the HR sector and found a similar scenario.

People were using social media in it’s basic form, but did not necessarily understand how to create a strategy around social media channels in order to generate business.

We decided to come up with a solution and have since published 2 digital magazines which do the job, for businesses operating those sectors of pushing out well-written articles and news from into the ‘social media space”.

Please check out:

Property Aspects Magazine  and  HR Aspects Magazine

We also use simple but clever internet ‘conversion techniques’ in order to generate a response from readers/visitors.

By using selected social media channels it is possible to ‘position’ your business in that market sector and positively influence your target market in advance of your ‘sales approach’

Thus improving your chances of success considerably!

Social Media is vitally important now for reaching and interacting with any audience. So please check out the free guide from The Guardian Newspaper and may I wish you good luck with your social media efforts!

The Guardian’s FREE social media guide can be found via a link in their article (below).



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2 Responses to Social media – A free guide for the Charities and Voluntary Sector

  1. Anne Huscroft says:

    Just met someone today who is involved with a charity. Will send her this very helpful link. Thanks David!

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