Content marketing is key to making that sale

content_is_keyMost people would consider that making a sale comes right at the end of the sales process…


No, wrong! Now content marketing is in the frame.

I have seen so many sales and non-sales people make serious errors in their intended completion of the sale – by trying to ‘close’ at the wrong time.

Many people are still using, what I consider to be outdated sales training methods, which I personally believe are not relevant in the business environment we have today.

One example is in the ‘overcoming objections’ scenario…

If you have any objections from the client, then you’ve not done the sales job properly – and you are certainly not ready to ‘close’!

You should have known from your pre-appointment research where any objections were going to come from and brought them up yourself in the sales meeting. Thus showing the prospective customer that you recognise the issues that he faces and explain how he can overcome them – whether using your product or not.

Content Marketing can influence your prospects

The point that I want to make about ‘content marketing’ is that this job, of ‘connecting and empathising with your prospect can be done beforehand, through clever positioning of information by you, in advance of your sales meeting.

In fact, content marketing should be used as part of your marketing strategy and run alongside your sales efforts.

With carefully-positioned content you can ‘influence’ your prospects – thus getting the chosen targets on your side before you even sit face to face with them!

In today’s ‘search environment’, where consumers invariably check us out in advance, we must be aware of how critical it is to present useful, informative and most  importantly, ‘influential’  content to these prospects at a time when they are not feeling ‘pressured’ by being in a sales environment.

If this is done correctly, using the social media tools we all have access to, you will be able to have valuable ‘interaction’ with your prospect.

This allows you to influence his thinking and can help you to actually develop a relationship with him prior to meeting. By the time he has agreed to sit down with you, in his own mind, he should have already ‘made the decision to buy’.

So, the ‘purchasing decision’ can actually be made somewhere along the sales process and NOT at the end.
Many of us will have discovered over the years, that very few people like to feel that they have been forced to make a decision on the day.

Therefore the appointment you make is merely to confirm all the details of the transaction, cement further the relationship you have already started, and pick up the cheque!

Also saving you, the sales person, endless hours driving to aborted and wasteful appointments that are very uneconomical for your business!

Creating the right sort of content is what I do for clients. Providing a mechanism to convert a targeted prospect into a qualified customer is what I am passionate about!

I am happy to give anyone, more specific advice.

Please email me if you need help to improve your sales conversion figures.

David Lomas

About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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2 Responses to Content marketing is key to making that sale

  1. Anne Huscroft says:

    Good article David. I know your help always proves to lead to greater success.

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