How are you using your customers to promote your business?

Are your clients telling others about you?

This may seem a strange question, but recently, one of our clients offered to effectively do some work for me, as a favour, to help out several of our newly taken-on clients at Property Aspects Magazine.

He didn’t want paying for it and he simply remarked: “Let me do the social media training for your new clients. You taught me how to use it very well and it helps me make up to six appointments a week for my property business. – I’m really the best-placed person to tell them how your system has already worked for me”.

Property Aspects – Social Media Training for the property and construction sector

To explain: As part of the job we do for our clients in the property sector, is to provide some fairly simple, but quite specific social media training for them. This helps them understand a few important points about social media but, very importantly, they discover how to actually use social media to generate business

It is important to say at this point, that our plucky client really has a very good grasp of what we taught him and I do consider him capable of helping others with their basic understanding of social media.

He then went on to say: “Of course, when I’m chatting to them, we’ll no doubt discover property-related business between us, so we’ll possibly both benefit from the meeting in the long run”

I could see how it could help both of us, so we decided to try this idea out.

So far it has worked really well – It’s a bit like having a human testimonial out there in the property sector marketplace, who we politely introduce to our prospects, send him out to see them, and he then helps show them how to find new customers.

The customers feel no pressure and are really enthusiastic and invariably wish to move forward after speaking with him.

One of our clients, after receiving contact from a few of our existing clients, recently commented on a Linkedin property forum:

“I have found the enthusiasm and commitment of the group of clients at Property Aspects Magazine outstanding”.

This was great praise for all our clients, which we really appreciate.

We now use several of our enthusiastic clients to talk to newly acquired customers or even, the ‘more sceptical’ prospect -and it works wonders!

May I say, we do subsequently complete our client’s social media training ourselves and ensure that they continue to learn more about social media and other marketing-related subjects such as:

“How to generate business leads using internet marketing techniques”


“Raising the influence of your personal brand with cleverly- positioned content’.

I have written about both these topics – If you’d like a copy of the articles, please send your name and contact details to

I’d like to hear what things you think that your customers could do to help you generate more business.

Remember, they can be your greatest form of marketing!

David Lomas
M3 Media Publishing

About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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