An occasional ‘wake-up call’ can keep us on our toes!

Keep up writing content for your blog

Good quality articles will boost your social media profile

Do you need a wake up call sometimes? – We could all maybe do with one!

Mine arrived on Thursday this week, when I attended a meeting with a prospective client to talk about her involvement in one of our digital property magazines.

In the conversation we discussed the present trends in digital media and the point about consumers being in a ‘search environment’ nowadays…

I explained to her that general customer attitudes are changing – We don’t want to be ‘sold to’ any more, we prefer to search for information about products and services, invariably via the Internet; before we decide ‘who we want to do business with’.

Everybody now seems to be researching and checking each other out through social media sites like Linkedin in advance of business meetings.

I then explained “This is why your ‘digital footprint’, (which is a term describing the amount of positive stories about you on the Internet), must continue to grow – It can become one of the most important places to influence and attract new customers to your business!

Content is critical for your social media profile

Effectively, we all choose to check out the people or companies that we are considering giving our business to. Therefore, stories written by others about how you helped them, are massively influential in your prospective customers making their buying decision.

I naturally said to her how important ‘digital content’ is nowadays, and how it must be kept up to date on either your website or blog.
I added: “The quality of articles that are used must be of the highest quality and written in a particular way to really be effective on the internet – In other words, ‘to have any effect on Google’.

Her (fortunately Tongue-in-cheek) response was: “yes we did check out your profile David and we were suitably impressed, but your personal blog hasn’t been updated for a few weeks!”

After much laughing and joking about my little ‘faux-pas’, and me quoting the analogy of ‘the decorator who never gets around to decorating his own house’, I  did concede that I had no excuse and should have been paying more attention to doing that which I’m preaching to others. – Consequently, I moved quickly and published two new articles on my blog that same day!

The lady in question did become a client as a result of that meeting, so she must have accepted this small failure on my part! But it was a good lesson learnt by me – and in a pleasant manner.

From now on, I promise to keep my blog updated and hope everyone else does the same.

Anyone wanting help with article writing and publication – Please give me, David Lomas,  a call at M3 Media Publishing on 08450 519374

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Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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