Social Media – How important is your article headline?

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Social Media headlines are important to attract business

When writing articles the main aim we want to achieve is to get people to read them.

Otherwise what’s the point of doing it you may ask?

The first thing that we must do is to make sure the article headline attracts the reader. Without a catchy headline we don’t even get the reader to ‘first base’.

Depending on who you want to attract and where your article is to be published should dictate the subject and focus for both your content and your headline.

Are you having it published in a ‘hard copy’ magazine or will it be distributed through social media?

A title that prompts a response is always good or a headline that arouses interest or curiosity is always effective.

If your article is aimed at a particular business sector, one of the things we all like to read, are pieces of information about other businesses and competitors within that sector. In effect, we all like to know how other people are doing compared to our own business.

So do some research, make your own comments and offer this information in your headline.

Social Media articles – How to write effective content

One of the best things you can do with your articles – if they are to be used within the social media arena, is to put a question into your headline.

This can either cover an issue that is important to the sector you are writing about – which should generate a response. Or the headline can be a challenge to the people working in the sector – in order to prompt or, even better, provoke a response.

If your chosen social media marketplace is either Linkedin or twitter, then the most important response you can get is for others to respond, retweet or share your content.

If you can stimulate a conversation behind your article then you can create a route to a potential sales pipeline.

At M3 Media Publishing, we work with clients on this specific topic and we help them create a workable strategy for generating sales introductions from their own well-targeted audience.

We are able to add a further dimension, as we have our own portfolio of digital magazines and a group of strategic partners who work together to support each other.

I hope some of this was helpful. If you need any more advice I will happily give anyone a 20 minute telephone consultation for FREE.

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