A perfect social media tool for the property sector – Property Aspects Magazine

Property Aspects Magazine Manchester

Property Aspects Magazine – highlights the quality of work in the property and construction sector inthe North west

Initially focused on Manchester, Property Aspects Magazine is a digital publication that highlights positive stories and news about the property, construction and finance sector across the North West.

This innovative magazine has been created as a tool to distribute articles and content throughout the social media environment for businesses that need to raise their profile amongst potential customers.Many property and construction-related businesses are still entrenched in a very traditional mindset – especially when it comes to marketing.

Introduce the sometimes confusing world of internet marketing and social media and many of these traditional businesses can bury their head in the sand and avoid the subject.

Only this last month, I have spoken with several business within the sector, who are doing well in the present climate, turning over between £2 million and £22 million. Yet they are doing it without embracing social media or any real form of digital marketing.

The point is not that they are surviving quite well without it but the question arises !How much more business would they have if they used it?”

There are lots of ways businesses can take advantage of social media. It must also be understood that it is a learning process.

But if any business is operating within the property and construction sector, they should consider looking into the unique social media programme that has been created behind the scenes at Property Aspects Magazine.

It hinges on unique, well-written content that is produced for any business and is focused on the particular target audience that you wish to reach.

The magazine is built in a way that these articles can be distributed very effectively to literally thousand of well-targeted and relevant businesses each month.  Enabling you to not only raise awareness of your business and services but also boosts your individual profile within the main social media forums.

Running alongside this magazine is a series of events which are set up to strategically place you in front of business partners and prospects on a regular basis

All in all a very clever social media tool that could help you generate business leads.

For an introduction to the magazine and how it might help your business, please contact David Lomas on 08450 519374

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Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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