Social Media – Do you know about the 3rd Dimension?

Social Media's 3rd Dimension

Social Media Are you reaching the 3rd Dimension?

Social Media – The word seems to be on everyone’s lips nowadays in one way or other.

Whether we are talking on the phone, at the office or maybe meeting at networking events and presentations, there is always chatter about ‘How do you get the best from Social Media?’ or simply ‘What should we be doing with social media?’.

I hear a great deal about the social media trainers who are giving out basic advice on how to use the ‘mechanisms’ of social media. It’s effectively helping people learn about the basic alphabet of social media and understanding the sort of content you should put out there…

This is a good start to understanding the social media arena – I will refer to this as the ‘first dimension’.

Social Media – How do I make it work?

The next step may be to start using some of the social media tools that you may of heard about, such as ‘Hootsuite’, ‘tweetdeck’ and maybe even ‘Tweetspinner’ which my team uses very effectively.

These tools can allow you to start pushing out messages and, more importantly engaging in conversation within this exciting, social environment. But, it is the combination of activity and the way that you work it all together that is fundamental to taking you into ‘The 3rd Dimension of social media’.

These tools only take you into the 2nd dimension where you can put your message out to other people in the social media environment and eventually will help you achieve what you want from your activity.

In many cases that translates to ‘getting to more prospective customers, Although, turning them into sales’ certainly sounds better to me!

But without the last piece of knowledge and understanding of the rules of the internet your efforts will not take you into the stratosphere of social media or ‘The 3rd Dimension’ where your social media efforts get noticed by a much bigger, more focused and targeted audience.

And they may not get you the sales you want!

This 3rd Dimension is where you regularly get retweeted, mentioned and followed on twitter. Where you constantly get your uniquely-written content included on other digital publications, when you get named and included on prestigious and well-distributed lists.
In my own case recently, I was delighted to have been named in a top 100 list of the most influential marketers on twitter! Albeit at a number 67! (Always room to improve of course!

To get to this level you need to understand the ‘rules of the internet’ on top of the basic knowledge about twitter, linkedin and facebook and what the search engines are actually looking for.

Because, if you don’t, then a lot of the efforts I see people putting in on social media will really never provide the results that they are seeking. Which is a shame.

If you are serious about taking your social media to a different level – Come and talk to me and my team and we’ll see if we can get you in that 3rd Dimension!

David Lomas

Call me on  08450 519374 or email me at david and arrange a free consultation for your business.

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