Social media expert explains ‘tribing’ and how it can boost your business profile

tribing within social media

Tribing will become a trend within social media

One of the trends that will develop over the next few years is ‘tribing’.
It will make a considerable difference to the value of your website from a Google perspective and I believe it should be an essential part of your social media strategy.

The term will be used to describe the act of working in strategic groups to increase popularity for say an event or piece of news.

By that, I mean actively working to stimulate both conversation and response to content that is distributed within the social media arena.

The recent changes in attitude from our favourite search engine means that one of the most important measurements that they can make in assessing the ‘popularity’ of a website, is in the number of times people respond to your content.

Thus, by working together in what we would maybe call a ‘tribe’ it is possible to boost your visibility and popularity, hence the term ‘Tribing’.

At M3 Media Publishing, we spend our time looking ahead at the changes we expect to see from Google and so far, certainly for the last couple of years, we have anticipated each move or change in rules that they have made – and we have taken advantage of it…

We have adapted our strategies and advice instantly and we get the message about which marketing techniques to employ, sent directly to our team and of course, it is then used for the benefit of our own clients.

Being ahead of the game has massive advantages – we can amend our digital marketing strategies instantly and we have already started to build up a collection of forward-thinking clients who we help to work together within their specific sector.

One example of what we do is the alliance of property, finance and construction people that we have put together behind our Property Aspects Magazine in the North West.

These are the first steps towards creating our self-promoting digital community or ‘tribe’ within the property, finance and construction sector which is then linked to a series of joint seminars and events that we will be hosting.

Popularity will be the key to your social media success

One of the most important indicators to Google is the ‘popularity of your website.
This is effectively measured by the number of ‘retweets’, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that you are getting from your followers and connections. It proves to the search engine that others are appreciating and approving your content by passing it on.

I do get irritated by people who simply ask me to ‘like’ their site for no apparent reason! – especially when it’s actually crap!

Why not put some well-written and informative content on there first, which may be helpful to the reader and not sales messages and then ask someone to check it out?

You may get a far better response!

Not surprisingly, we do create a lot of top-quality content for our clients and we get great response from it. We also know how to convert this content into face to face meetings with well-targeted prospects for our clients.

The tribe of clients we work with are educated and taught how to work together to benefit their own businesses by spreading the word about the others.

Our property and construction ‘tribe’ is gaining momentum and the results are starting to show.

Join Our Tribe! 

If you work in either the Property, Construction and Finance sector or, alternatively in HR, then please talk to us and find out how it could help you if maybe you joined our tribe.

David Lomas (Tribal Chief)
08450 519374

About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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