Use Social media to publish your best client testimonials

testimonials are valuable on your social media profile

Always include testimonials on your social media profile pages

We read testimonials on websites and in social media forums and give others comments for their social media profiles. But maybe some of us are too shy to ask our own clients for the same recommendations.

At M3 Media Publishing we tell our clients not to stay quiet about their achievements. They need to tell their stories through blogs and social media forums – and we’ll do that for them through our digital property magazines and HR magazines every week.

Well don’t stay shy any longer!…

If you’ve done a good job for a client, or if someone that has seen you in action has commented how well you did, then act quickly and get them to put pen to paper – or rather, fingers to the keyboard!

I’ve not been shy and retiring since I was a child, so I have no problem saying ‘Here are a few comments that people are making about me!’

I appreciate all those who have said them and am delighted they have sent them to me so I’d like to say: Thanks to you all! (I have also included links to everyone’s website where possible) and check these out!

“When you meet David you can’t help but absorb his energy and enthusiasm! He’s developed an ingenious online newsletter concept which serves as a brilliant tool for strengthening existing relationships and opening up new ones. He has bags of experience in the business world, understands the needs and mind-set of entrepreneurs and brings a human face to the world of work. A great character and an energiser.”

Andrew Thorp, Mojo Life 

“David and the team at M3 Media Publishing have done a superb job for us here at Staffbank Recruitment. Helping generate more business through their digital marketing, social media and PR efforts. They are great people to work with.”

Paul Kemp, StaffBank Recruitment

“The three Lupton Fawcett Advantage magazines are aimed respectively at the SME market, the Licensed industry and the Toy, Nursery & Gift sectors. Feedback has been extremely positive since launch and I would have no hesitation in recommending David ‘s services.”

Graham Shiers, Lupton Fawcett Lawyers

“Fun, generous and enthusiastic – but he backs that personality up with genuine business acumen and fantastically innovative strategies for delivering value to clients. The email newsletter concept he has created is a tremendously powerful marketing tool delivering a win-win for all parties.”

Duncan Drasdo, Manchester United Supporters Trust

“David displays a strong understanding of any subject he tackles. His experience is outstanding and in all cases he offers added value to every project he’s involved in. The M3 business proposition has been of great value to our business and continues to gather momentum with no peak yet in sight!”

Steve Brown, Booth Air-Conditioning

Thanks everyone for your comments.

And don’t forget, these testimonials are vital to your social media profiles such as Linkedin.

David Lomas
M3 Media Publishing

About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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