Social media can earn you interest on your business

good quality content adds interest to your business

Use Social Media to generate interest in your business

The phrase ‘earning interest’ at one time referred to the money or value that your bank account was accruing on an annual or monthly basis.

We can now use this within the field of social media marketing as a way of describing the value that we can add to our business when using ‘Inbound’ or ‘attraction marketing’ methods to market our businesses…

Inbound marketing is becoming much more effective than outbound marketing nowadays and by providing prospective customers with ‘interesting’ articles about issues that face THEM, we can gain or attract their attention far better.

So in effect, we are ‘earning their interest’ by using social media to distribute our message, instead of trying to buy it through traditional outbound advertising methods such as radio, TV and newspapers etc.

The advantage of this type of ‘attraction marketing’, is that customers nowadays are more often choosing to search for help, information or advice by using social media and are not wanting to be ‘sold to’. The customer then feels he is still in control.

The customer  feels more comfortable in this environment and can be led into a more advanced state of ‘readiness to purchase’.

If you can also provide an opportunity for the customer to interact with your business through the various social media channels, and receive more information about your products and/or services – without any perceived ‘sales pressure’, you are well on the way to turning this potential customer into a ‘sale’.

What you need to do…

A simple system – built into your digital and social media marketing strategy is what is required to start earning the interest of your target customer.

Here are the things you will need:

  • A steady supply of unique, well-written content – about ‘customer issues and solutions’
  • A digital platform to publish them which can be linked to Social Media distribution.
  • A mechanism to offer further information to interested customers
  • A system for turning any enquiries into qualified leads

Get writing and good luck!

If you operate in either the Commercial Property and Construction sector or in the HR Sector, please contact me to learn about our sector-specific digital marketing solutions.

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