Social media efforts require more tea and less petrol

drink tea and relax whilst using social media

Social Media - find business whilst you sip your tea

Using social media effectively will save you money on petrol!

We all from time to time spend lots of effort visiting networking events and setting up meetings with prospective clients who may not buy from us.
All this activity may make us feel busy and maybe we convince ourselves that we are being effective.

Don’t get me wrong, some of this activity is valuable, but some of it could be replaced by some, shall we say less strenuous activity – like drinking tea…

Do you, like me, feel that you are sometimes personally contributing to the entire Middle East economy more than your own when you look at the price of petrol?
Nowadays, the pump racks up £50 very easily and when it happens sometimes a couple of times a week, it can really start to hurt your business.

When we had bad weather prior to Xmas last year, I decided to focus on how to acquire new customers in a more cost-effective manner –  whilst sitting in front of my PC!

It worked! And, as you can imagine, I ended up drinking more tea than my car drank in petrol over that particular winter period.

I succeeded in adding over 1100 new frontline contacts to my Linkedin account and attracting and making a considerable number of new client appointments – without leaving my desk.
I have since devised  a programme that could be used by more or less any business to achieve similar results.
In fact, I believe that it is possible to replicate 90% of the efforts of a sales person with this digital programme that finds, attracts, educates and then cleverly converts targeted customers into qualified enquiries.

As someone that has worked in sales for 35 years, I don’t say this lightheartedly, but I do understand the things that would help improve the performance of a salesperson to achieve better results.

Have your attractive social media ‘offer’ message ready

I set out to replicate the efforts that I was making in the ‘real’ world in a ‘digital’ environment. Replicating the behaviour that I was presenting to prospects on a face-to-face basis.
This had been working effectively through my networking efforts but was very time-intensive and becoming extremely repetitive. If I’ve stood up once at various networking events to explain what I do, I’m sure I’ve done it a hundred times.

The problem is that this method of finding targeted customers is not exactly ‘targeted’

I wanted to reach a more targeted prospect and nurture those people until they were ready to want to buy from me, but I now do all this from my desk

I looked into how to identify businesses that were ideal clients and ones that may even transact business over the telephone.  Not all of us have a product or service that can accommodate this strategy – but we all need to consider what business we can do online, through social media or by phone.

I then created a digital strategy that completed the whole sequence!

The strategy helps to FIND  the customer, gain their attention and then by designing a trail for him or her to follow leads to you making a sale.

If anyone wants a summary of my social media sales conversion programme, please let me know.

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