Are you throwing your pebbles into the right pool?

I recently posted an article from The Business Exposure Group onto the Property Week group discussion page on Linkedin.

Mark Downham from Eddisons Chartered Surveyors made an intelligent point about using Social Media, saying that it was similar to ‘throwing pebbles into a pool and creating ripples’.

He is right, the social media environment we all sit in is in fact a really huge pool.

Well actually, Social Media is effectively many pools that are all linked together throughout which our ‘ripples’ can continue to spread.

Keeping that ‘ripple’ or marketing message moving is one very important factor when you are marketing – we all must continue to transmit our brand story…

We all want to push out our marketing message to everyone.

Or do we?

It is actually more important that we throw our pebbles into the RIGHT pool

Choose where to throw your pebbles.

Surely we want to have a more targeted approach when marketing don’t we?

For example, I see so many people who go out networking to any and every type of networking event they can get to. They interact with lots of business people.

But in so many cases, the vast majority of those people that they meet are NOT in a position to refer anyone of quality to them,  to significantly influence others  for them and not able to actually buy anything from them.

So they may be throwing their pebbles into lots of water, but the ripples will be very unlikely to have any lasting and beneficial effect.

Maybe we  all need to adopt the same attitude of ‘choosing the right pool’ to all our marketing efforts?

Your marketing message must be relevant to each sector

You need to ensure that your marketing message reaches your ideal target audience. In fact you should have a different message for each sector in which you operate. Different customers have individual sector-specific issues and will respond to different headlines and messages from you.

By working on influencing one sector, you can also save time and money because you have a tighter audience to reach and you can narrow the focus of your approach.

This also means that any messages or stories that you spread will tend to hit other potential customers within the same sector.

Thus, the ripples that you can all make will end up having a far stronger effect on your carefully-targeted audience.

At M3 Media Publishing we specialise in using Social media to spread stories about clients. If you are ready to throw your pebbles into our pool, please contact me, David Lomas on 08450 519374 or via

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