We find a clever tool for boosting your social media efforts

The rules from Google have changed yet again in the last few weeks – with regard to the ‘importance’ of ‘tweeting and ‘posting’ on twitter and facebook. It is important that people understand how influential certain social media activity is becoming.

It is vital that we respond to these new rules if we want to raise our business profile effectively and in turn, the efforts that we make within this social media environment will be successful in attracting new customers.

At M3 Media Publishing we have created a ready-made Social media solution for solving the issue of ‘increasing your digital footprint’ or ‘sending out a positive message about your business’.

We now publish a number of ‘blogzines’, one of them is  Property Aspects Magazine which is an independent online magazine, containing professionally-written articles from the property and construction sector across the North West.

Also HR Aspects Magazine – which is aimed at anyone looking to find advice and information on any aspect of HR, Recruitment or people management.

The carefully-targeted audiences for both these online publications are attracted by using well-proven internet marketing and social media techniques and as such, these readers are already searching for either HR or property solutions.

This puts you ahead of the game straight away.

Hasn’t this got to be better than trawling around numerous and sometimes ‘not relevant’ networking events trying to find a potential customer? That can be VERY time-consuming and non-productive.

Don’t get me wrong, some networking is vital, but you need to pick and choose which events work for you and focus on those.
With the incredible social communications we all have access to nowadays, you don’t need to be meeting up with the same people face to face every week or two!
This is why we have Linkedin and twitter!

A good, well-focused example of a networking event is The Curry Club run by Steve Kettle. It provides an ideal target audience for anyone operating within the Property, Finance and Construction sector and is held once a month in Manchester.

How would you like your prospects to have heard your story in advance of any sales discussion?

Our magazines are designed to be informative and NOT to be ‘selling’ to the readers.
We give out positive messages that can be very valuable when lodged firmly in the minds of your prospects before you walk into that sales meeting.

In fact many of the articles that we write deal with the issues facing the customer and provide links to case studies for them.

These stories can be sent out to many many people using clever social media techniques and this can differentiate YOU from the competition in advance.

We also offer our readers further information from our selected business partners in return for details of their specific requirements. Thus generating what are effectively qualified leads for our business partners.

Property Aspects Magazine provides articles, news and information about a wide range of subjects across the Property, Finance and Construction sectors.

Our aim is to illustrate the high level of expertise and the depth of knowledge and experience that we have on offer in the Property, Finance and Construction sector across the North West

Recent Comments

“M3 Media Publishing have created these clever online blogzines as powerful social media tools, which can be used by any business”

“We all need to start using social media to get our message to the customer ahead of the competition and this fits the bill perfectly. Property Aspects Magazine is the perfect way of attracting and educating prospects in the present environment”.


About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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2 Responses to We find a clever tool for boosting your social media efforts

  1. Hi David

    With regards to the property aspects magazine, is it just the North West that is the target audience? I ask because because we are a small property management company that operates solely in London so I wanted to try and establish if there would be any benefit for us?


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