Strategic property partnership aims to generate business within the North West

Link to press release: Manchester Property blogzine to be launched.

Property Aspects Magazine is a ‘blogzine’ – effectively, a combination of an online blog which is designed as a magazine and contains information and news across the commercial property, finance and construction sector in Manchester.
However, the innovative concept which encompasses the blogzine has a great deal more to offer any business working in the commercial property and construction sector.

For businesses that work within the property, finance and construction sector, the opportunity to grab a slice of this cleverly-devised project could be very attractive…

The concept embraces and responds to many of the rules of internet marketing and social media which are defined by the likes of google, twitter and facebook. It also focuses on how to generate business by using good-quality, unique and relevant content.

Well-written and ‘unique’ content is the most valuable thing on the internet’ right now – and it will continue to be so! Businesses should be taking advantage of this to attract new customers. Property Aspects Magazine’s marketing programme will take care of this for your business, very effectively.

Converting visitors into sales

The other efforts we should all make in our marketing, from ensuring our website attracts customers and how we should handle and convert those visitors into customers, to tying the process into our offline marketing strategy are all dealt with in a very simple programme.

The great advantage of the programme is that there is very little to do from the participants as all the content and articles are written by copywriters who talk with them on a monthly basis to understand what messages they want to communicate to their audience.

The readership of the magazine is cleverly targeted and is therefore already interested in your products and services beforehand. This programme practically drops them in your lap at exactly the time they are ready to buy!

Powerful Strategic Property Alliance

Alongside the magazine, a strategic alliance of businesses is formed by the participants who all work within the property and construction sector in the Manchester area (more regions are to follow).

These strategic partners will get together on a regular basis to learn how they can collectively benefit from this strategic alliance.

As they only allow ONE partner in each category, this presents each partner with a superb opportunity to generate some good-quality business from what can become a powerful and influential strategic property group.

If you work in a Commercial Property, finance or construction related business in the Manchester area, please contact me for more details.

David Lomas
M3 Publishing
Direct: 01260 289007
Mobile:07886 900802

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Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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