Are Your Article Writing and Blogging Efforts Effective?

Do you enjoy writing?
Does it sometimes become a chore?
Is the idea of coming up with suitable articles for your blog on a regular basis proving difficult and tiresome?

In this article, I look into the issues we all face when we have to suddenly come up with ‘suitable’ content for a blog or marketing article…

Creating Good Article Content
First of all, you have the easy option of contacting a good digital copywriter and blog
or you can bravely set out to do the job yourself.

If you choose the latter, then my series of Blogging Tips are designed just for you.

If you are similar to the twenty six people to whom I put the question of ‘article
writing’, earlier this week in a Business Exposure Group discussion meeting, then your answer, like theirs, is likely to be something to the tune of…

“I know I need to do it, but I just hate writing about myself”

“I don’t really know what to write”

“I’m being chased for an article, but just haven’t got time to get it done”

“Can you get someone to do it for me David?” (Surprise – it’s my favourite!)

We are not all good at writing and certainly, very few of us have the ability
to put together really good quality articles that are going to have real impact
on whoever reads them.
We all seem to be constantly under time constraints nowadays anyway and in our list of priorities, the top one always being ‘to find new customers’, the time for writing articles for our blog or website can get pushed aside very easily.

To then continue to do the same creative writing job on a regular basis, in order to give any real benefit whatsoever to our blog, is most people’s worst nightmare. (OK , maybe a slight exaggeration. lol.)

How Important is it to Write a Blog?
Everyone seems to be talking about blogs and along with all the usual hype about social media with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, we all realise that a blog is now regarded as a crucial part of any internet marketing strategy.

In fact, a blog can be a massive boost to your social media activity – if used properly.

Blogs are interactive, which means that people who read it can also make comment back to you. Thus, allowing you to listen and also talk back to your customers and of course, your ‘prospective’ customers.

If you do want to take the plunge, I hope to give you the best possible advice to help you get going with your blogging project, through my series of tips.

These tips will be posted on this blog. You will need to register at the top of the page with your email address to receive my tips as well as regular updates and informative articles relating to digital marketing.

Go to

Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Create Sales
This is probably the most powerful headline within this article and inadvertently is part of the lesson I am giving you. The headline for your article is of paramount importance – A subject I will be covering along the way.

Building blogs for clients is a job that I regularly undertake for businesses under my Blogshare concept.

With Blogshare, I am using some very interesting concepts of strategic marketing alongside the blog and generating sales for clients by using the massive power of social media alongside some very creative offline marketing efforts.

Effectively, it is a ‘ready-made’ blogging package for specific business sectors such as HR, Commercial Property, Finance and the Marketing sector.

I can’t promise that I will expose to you all the techniques that I use in my blogging tips series, but I will still include a lot of useful information for you.

I will post one of my tips approximately 2-3 times per week for the next month or so.

Please visit and then register on the blog at in order to receive my blogging tips directly into your inbox.

If you want to keep up with developments on the Blogshare Project then visit our blogsite and register with your email address

Please leave me a message if you’re interested to learn more or call me on 08450 519374

Go Forth and Build Your Blog
When your blog is finished, get your pen ready. You need to put together a ‘bank’ of 10 articles in order to have a head start and in case you are unable to produce content at some point later in your blogging programme.

You need to understand your relevant keywords which will need to be included at certain times within your articles. These keywords can be linked back to either your website or to other pages or articles within your blog that provide more information to your prospective customers.

This is an art in itself – I will happily provide advice on how this should be done – Please do not hesitate to call me! 08450 519374

So get your pen and paper ready (OK, nobody does that anymore)  I meant to say switch on your PC and you are now ready to start.

I will be covering many different aspects of article writing and blogging in my series of Blogging tips

Here is the first one to get you started…

Good Luck!

Blogging Tip No. 1:  Know your target audience

The first thing you need to understand is the audience that you wish to communicate with.

Your database of contacts may be made up of many types of business who all may be suitable to sell your products to. But they may need to be split into different sectors when it comes to getting them to focus on your message.

Different customers have different issues and you need to be specific when writing your articles so as to have the best chance of catching the attention of the reader.

We then must understand the issues that these customers have on their minds and address these issues within the article. Keep things simple and don’t try and turn the whole thing into a sales document! It must drive the customer to ask you for more information not beat him to death.

Remember one of my mottos…

“The less you tell your prospect, the more he will ask”  David Lomas M3 Media

About Executive Editor

Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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3 Responses to Are Your Article Writing and Blogging Efforts Effective?

  1. salonchat says:

    Excellent article David. I had already heard about Blogshare – a very clever concept it seems.
    I look forward to reading your blogging tips over the coming weeks. Jessie

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  3. I enjoyed your article David. My business model was writing blogs for others but I would much rather teach a man a skill to write for himself. No one no matter how good a writer you are can write as passionately about someones business as the owners could. The biggest issue is always impetus and time management.

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