How Can Article Marketing Help You Get More Traffic?

If you are just starting online and want to promote your website without having to buy traffic, you’ve probably already thought about article marketing.

Perhaps you are wondering how article marketing can really bring you additional traffic, prospects, sales and exposure for your business.

Why would you actually write and submit articles and what would you get out of it?

How would this help you get more prospects and make more sales?

There are many reasons why you can consider marketing your business with articles. What do you want to obtain for your business? You want to get more traffic to your website, resulting in more conversions and more sales, but you don’t want a complicated marketing method that will take you many months to learn and master. You do not have a huge budget and you are looking for an affordable marketing strategy. You want to use a marketing strategy that you can outsource cheaply while you focus on key business areas.

This is where article marketing can have a big role, as it can help you increase your traffic and build relationships within your market. You can gain a lot of exposure for your business.

Let’s take an example and see how articles can really bring you more visitors to your website. Let’s consider that an article you publish on a good article directory gets an average of about 70 views per month.During 6 months, the article will get 420 views per directory. If you submit the article to just 10 top article directories, it will get 4,200 views within 6 months. If you are consistent, which is the key factor of success with article marketing, submitting 2 articles per week to 10 directories during 6 months will result in about 200,000 views.

Now if your click-through rate is 10%, these are 20,000 visitors to your website. Of course, when you consider that one single article might get you 420 visitors over 6 months, or 70 visitors per month, this is not that impressive.

This is also why most people who submit a couple of articles and then wait for results that never come will say on blogs and forums that article marketing doesn’t work. But when you are consistent you will highly benefit from the cumulative nature of internet traffic and you will see the beneficial impact it has on your business.

The key to your success with article marketing is to submit one or two articles per week, every single week, and use a good article submission service to do so.

This way you only need to write the article, and you can then have more time to focus on key areas of your business, such as product creation and relationship building.

Moreover, your article gets distributed to hundreds of quality article directories, blogs, niche websites, and ezine publishers, allowing you to reach a larger target audience. Being consistent and persistent with article marketing is the key to success and having this mindset will highly benefit your business in the end.

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  1. altumv says:

    Great article. Lots of really relevant and useful points.

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