Make National News Work for YOUR business

All publicity is good publicity, so the saying goes. But what if you’re in the midst of a news drought with absolutely nothing remotely worth spinning?
 One of the most frequently quoted sentences a PR consultant will hear from their client is: ‘there’s not much going on really this month’.
Businesses need to learn how to capitalise on what is happening around them whether locally, nationally or internationally as well as become more media savvy when it comes to recognising the newsworthiness of their own company updates.
You know your business better than anyone and although you might have hired a PR agency to handle your media relations YOU are key to uncovering the company information that will grab you web hits, blog coverage and newspaper headlines because if you don’t tell your press officer about it, they won’t know it exists!
One of the golden rules a rookie reporter learns before he or she makes his entrance to the world of local journalism is what to do on a quiet news day. Many a journalist across the country will shudder at the memory of their stern-looking editor, uttering the words: ‘We’ve no splash (front page), any ideas?’ while clasping an empty diary.
Aside from going out and setting fire to one of the town’s landmarks, there are other options to consider to find high-impact news stories.
One of the first tasks of the day on most news desks is to read through every national/local newspaper and grab the radio and TV headlines. Why? Because there might just be a snippet of information such as new unemployment figures, house price surveys or crime data which could be localised to be relevant to the lives of your own readers. Indeed, many of these national surveys contain local figures and it merely takes a brief trip to the relevant website to gain access to a pool of localised data.
Businesses should be exploiting the same opportunities as hacks and getting their voices heard on a range of national issues whether offering expert opinions, relating their own business success to upbeat economy news or using key calendar dates to discuss their own products or services.
So tell the world how sales of your meat pies are going through the roof on World Food Day or how the building industry is thriving in National Construction Week and give your news and views a national platform to generate interest. Most importantly, look inwardly at your business and the data at your fingertips to see whether it tells a bigger story.

by Danielle Nuttall

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Digital content marketing specialist who understands communication in all it's forms. Experienced speaker and online publisher at M3 Media Publishing.
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