New to twitter? – Pick a relevant Twitter name

Useful things to know when using twitter by David Lomas M3 Publishing
Whether you are new to twitter or not, it is vital from a business standpoint, that you set your twitter account up with a name that is relevant to what your business actually ‘offers’.
It is important, in order to gain the correct response from people you ‘follow’ that your ‘twitter name’ should illustrate what business you are involved in.For example, one of my twitter business names is e_magazines_uk,  but when I make contact with other people on twitter, they will also see my real name – David Lomas.This means I do have a ‘real personality’ for anyone who finds me, but through my descriptive ‘twitter name’,I can show a ‘relevance’ to what they may be looking for.
This will encourage other users to ‘follow you’ in return when they respond to your messages or ‘tweets’.

It will also make it easier for you to be found when someone needs to find an expert in your sector.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions please send me a message on twitter

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4 Responses to New to twitter? – Pick a relevant Twitter name

  1. Good advice, I agree that having a Twitter name that suggest’s what you do has its benefits but would also think that getting a Twitter account which is also your business name will at least block someone else getting it (Twitter names are unique) and confusing matters.

    You can sign up to multiple twitter accounts as long as they are registered to different email addresses and could always use it as a holding page pointing to other accounts.

    It is common to search for information on people and businesses by their names and when this is done I would think that you would want your information/twitter account to be found.

    Phil (@philoakley)

  2. Hi David

    I tweet under the ID TextproviderUK – which is an accurate description of what I do. I also provide my real name in my profile. I would say the advice in this article is watertight, and from a professional perspective, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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