Have you created your ‘Customer Corridor’?

corridorAfter reading my headline, you may be asking yourself “What on earth is a customer corridor?”

That’s understandable – I just decided, as I was writing this article, to use the name to illustrate how my concept for attracting and also influencing customers actually leads them directly to your door.

So in fact, it’s really quite a logical description!

I have, in previous articles, described this corridor as the ‘route to the sale’.

This is the path we all need to provide for our prospective customers to make it easy for them to find their way to us.

But critically, we need to gently influence them on the way…

By calling it a corridor, I hope it will help you to draw the picture in your mind of how my concept will work for you.

How do you attract and guide customers to your business?

In today’s’ marketing environment, consumers will choose where they want to go.

And they are able to research you first, before they decide to get in touch with you.

But rather than keeping your fingers crossed and ‘hoping’ they will turn up, do you think it may be better if somehow your marketing efforts actually informed them about you - and what you do for your customers, beforehand?

How could that make them feel?

In what ways might they then act differently towards you?

What if, whilst these customers start following your path, you could in some way influence them as they moved towards you?

What if we enabled them to learn more about you!

The result will be shown in your increased sales enquiries!

One thing we must all do is to create and publish SEO-friendly content.

This content should provide your customers or visitors with an impression of you and your business as they begin to follow the ‘route’ to your door.

Once created, this is the marketing pathway along which ALL your customers can be led and where your all your marketing efforts should be focused.

Imagine your prospective customer walking down a corridor to reach your office, which is positioned carefully at the far end. (This is similar to how the supermarkets work – getting you to follow a track around their stores).

On the way along the corridor your prospect passes subtle images and messages about you – maybe showing the advice you have been giving to customers, perhaps telling him about the things you understand about HIS sector, picturing the ways other businesses just like his, have benefitted from your help and advice.

By the time he gets to your office, how do you think he may be feeling about meeting you?

How may the picture of what you do, have improved in his mind?

Maybe now he is focused on what you can do for him?

Wouldn’t that be good?

This ‘corridor’ is the essence of how your marketing strategy should work

If you could put this corridor in place, what could that mean for your business?

At M3 Publishing we can help you create this customer corridor and we can provide you with the SEO-friendly content to attract your audience.

We will then show you how you can make use of it, to lead and influence prospective customers right to your door!

For a telephone assessment of how our customer attraction strategy could work for you, please contact me via email:

david @m3publishing.co.uk or leave me a message on 08450 519374

About David Lomas - Magazine Editor

Digital marketing specialist who understands effective communication in all it's forms. Experienced online media publisher and CEO at M3 Media Publishing.
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